Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


"How and why?"
i just said why.

"if you only own PC, you just need to wait for the PC release"
and that’s my problem, that we have to wait two years just so rockstar can try to make more money.

"if it will not be released for PC gamers, you can either buy Xbox One or PS4"
and that’s my problem, that we would have to buy another platform just to play one game so sony and microsoft can make more money.

god you consolers make it sound so easy. “just wait for 2 years”! or “just buy another platform!” i can almost gurantee that if they were pulling this shit for the PS4 or xbox 1, then you playstation and xbox people wouldn’t be saying this bullshit.

“rockstar doesn’t owe you anything!” that’s fine, i never said they did. but at the end of the day their customers don’t owe rockstar anything either, so if rockstar wants to treat their PC audience this way then PC gamers can take their money somewhere else.

i don’t even care about RDR2 that much despite loving RDR. i just hate companies who don’t care about their PC audience.

god this thread is giving me a headache. i’m out.


But won’t Rockstar lose money with not releasing it for PC? Or at least not earn any money from the PC owners?


please read the thread.


They don’t care because they’re guaranteed a hit already.


Depends on how much does it cost to produce the game for PC compared to the revenue it will get. And how much affects to release it on PC vs only on console. None of us is a market manager to know this kind of stuff. And as I have stated earlyer, piracy is a thing. Surely there will be someone who finds a way to emulate the game on PC and then PC players get it for free without online.

I mean, someone even made an app to emulate the playstation remote play on any phone that is not a sony phone. Of course someone will out RDR2 on PC. It’s just a matter of how tightly your government opresses piracy, how much you like to brag that you have it for PC and wether or not cops/whatever watch your every internet download and send a swat team to every house that downloads it (which won’t happen).


Yes. That’s what I’ve been saying. You just haven’t noticed through the red mist that’s descended over you.


Yes , but i don’t understand why they don’t want everybody to have a chance to play their games.

I agree, i just didn’t understand what @Niobium is trying to say, about stall the PC release just so they can sell more copies, who is buying those extra copies? and why?


I think Rockstar Games/Take-Two are scared modders will undermine their pay-to-win multiplayer.


You need to chill the fuck out. I don’t know about you, but I play and discuss games to get away from the boring and sometimes worrying things I deal with in my everyday life. I actually had this important meeting today, but I hung around on this forum to forget about it for a while.

Life is complicated, games are simple. If it makes you happy, buy it. If it doesn’t, well, don’t.

Don’t worry about Rockstars marketing or their budgets. That’s someone else’s job.


I will not play RDR2 multiplayer, just the single player and when i’m done, i’m just deleting it from my HD :smiley:.
No shark cards, no nothing.


It seems Rockstar has that attitude, they don’t really give a crap.


They are like… rockstars…

I will see myself out :grin:


I’m pretty sure that’s the look they’re going for :joy:

They definitely have a certain mystique, not many outsiders ever set foot in their studios.


And those that did, didn’t live to tell the tale.

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:


Or are you? :thinking:


Well, there hasn’t been a denial yet they won’t release it for PC.


Online multiplayer?

Hope…slowly fading…fearful that this game…might become a piece of shit real quick…



What? Rdr was online and that was a blast! Hope we get to customize our look in some way


I tried it and I thought it was okay, but if they start to do with RDR2 what they did to GTA V I will drop that shit like it’s on fire.


So, what time does the trailer appear

You know they will :). Just the fact that they mention it.