Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


Why must-a you break-a my heart? :broken_heart:

Well I can’t speak for the rest of the globe but I’m Canadian and we get it at 11 AM, which is in 39 minutes


Only 15 minutes left!!! HYPE HYPE HYPE




Looks dope.



20 characters



That was so disappointing. No context, nothing. R* have gone down hill these days.

Waiting for that microtransaction trailer…


Looks cool but the “trailer” was disappointing short.

I’m also reminded of how much I hate twitch chat


Make movies, Rockstar.


PlayStation has announced partnership with Rockstar Games for this game. I think a PC version is less likely now.


I don’t think that really matters, i mean there is an xbox version coming too, if sony was calling the shots i dont think there would be, probably some exclusive DLC deal,

GTAV and HITMAN also has a partnership with Sony, still had a PC version.


Yeah, you’re right.

I just read this on the PS blog: “We are pleased to announce that PS4 players get first access to earn
select online content in the vast open world of Red Dead Redemption 2.”


Shit GTA:Online-style content confirmed.

Fuck’s sake, Rockstar.


“pre order now” uh, ill pass.
that trailer was just some nice cinematic shots. not that great

maybe ill get interested when i see some game footage.


So it’s not gonna work properly for at least a month and will be filled with hellish microtransactions? Hehhhh.


My sentiments exactly. Bummer.

Guess I’ll be watching review videos before I buy…I really wanted to preorder this but I just can’t now, or not at least until I find out about the length and depth of the main campaign.


Where you actually surprised by this? There was obviously going to be online content. RDR’s multiplayer was excellent.

Sony unveiled GTA V’s PS4 remaster on stage at E3 and it’s since been released on Xbox One and PC, so don’t take anything from that announcement. Expect a Red Dead trailer at Sony’s conference in 2017.

Trailer looked sick by the way. Nothing surprising in there but there’s going a whole year of info being dripped out so I wasn’t expecting loads of reveals from this.


At least it says “first to play” so it’s not exclusive per se. However they could do a Bungie and extend the time of exclusivity for longer.


It’s not the inclusion of online I’m surprised about. It’s the inclusion of GTA:O style DLC. They’re gonna milk us for every last penny.


A big Online feature might also mean, no extra single-player content.