S#1 ELUSIVE TARGETS: (Your Results)


Now we’ve had the final Elusive Target for season 1 i thought a thread where we can post our final tally & share our results would be good.
So here’s mine

Complete: 24/26

Failed: 2
#22 The Bookkeeper
#26 The Entertainer

Missed: None

Silent Assassin: 12
#2 The Congressman
#4 The Sensation
#5 The Gunrunner
#8 The Broker
#11 The Identity Thief
#14 The Chef
#16 The Food Critic
#17 The Guru
#18 The Chameleon
#20 The Warlord
#23 The Paparazzo
#25 The Fugitive
Edit: I think all my SA’s were Fibre Wire except The Guru(Electrocuted) :slight_smile:

Suits Unlocked: All

Feel free to add any criteria you like, like Suit Only or even the type of kills you used :slight_smile:


Silent Assassin:
The Congressman (Push Accident)
The Sensation (Emetic Poison + Fibre Wire)
The Gunrunner (Lockdown + Fibre Wire)
The Wildcard (Motorcycle Explosion)
The Fixer (Fibre Wire)
The Identity Thief (Electrocution Accident)
The Chef (Chandelier Accident)
The Angel Of Death (Shisha Café Sign)
The Food Critic (Fibre Wire)
The Chameleon (Chandelier)
The Bookkeeper (Car Bomb)
The Paparazzo (Explosive Phone)
The Fugitive (Silverballer)

The Forger (Silverballer)
The Twin (Sniper Rifle)
The Pharmacist (Sniper Rifle)
The Ex-Dictator and the Gold Digger (2x Krugermeier)
The Guru (Chandelier)
The Warlord (Nne Obara’s Machete)
The Doctor and the Surgeon (2x Virus Syringe)
The Bad Boy (Gas Canister)

The Prince (Survived)
The Broker (Survived)
The Blackmailer (Survived)

The Black Hat
The Entertainer (Not missed yet, but chances of playing are 0)


Didn’t fail or miss a single Elusive target.

My breakdown:

SA (18 in total, I don’t remember all of the kills, but have qualified guesses on those (and put questionmarks))

The Forger - I think I dropped a chandelier on him?
The Prince - Fiber wire
The Sensation - Drowning
The Gunrunner - Fiber wire
The Broker - Fiber Wire
The Pharmacist - FE
The Fixer - Fiber Wire?
The Identity Thief - Fiber Wire
The Chef - Poison
The Angel of Death - Fiber wire?
The Guru - Chandelier drop
The Food Critic - FE
The Chameleon - Push off balcony
The Doctor & The Surgeon - VIrus
The Paparazzo - Fiber wire?
The BadBoy - Push off cliff
The Fugitive - Poison
The Entertainer - Fiber wire

No SA, not my fault (obviously both avoidable, but these should not happen, is what I’m saying)

The Congressman - Push off cliff. Ran over that fucking yellow shirted NPC on the way out, losing SA.
The Wildcard - Knife to the back of the head. Magically spotted by Busey even though I was behind him, so no SA.

No SA, by choice / for fun

The Twin - Snipe from the tower in the villa grounds that overlooks the cafe. Just felt right for the contract.
The Blackmailer - Snipe while on catwalk. Just seemed the most fun.
The Bookkeeper - Exploding car. Other casualties, so no SA.

No SA, I fucked up:

The Black Hat - Drunken late night playthrough. Fiber wired him,intending to knock out the white hat afterwards, but he turned around and saw me killing his friend, so no SA.
The Ex-Dictator - Chandelier drop on his wife (and hit one of her guards, so no SA), FE on him.
The Warlord - Fiber wire. Fucked up while opening the safe and got spotted, so no SA.


Failed: 5
The Congressman (spotted and killed like an asshole before meeting him)
The Prince (I killed him with the bell, but was spotted and killed during escape)
The Broker (spotted and killed while i was trying to electrocute him)
The Fixer (killed while I was looking for him)
The Blackmailer (I killed the target by stage accident, so I couldn’t take memory card)

Missed: 1
The Identity Thief

SA: 6
The Chef (Chandelier)
The Surgeons (virus)
The Bookkeeper (explosion with a gas tank)
The Paparazzo (fiber wire)
The Bad Boy (knife)
The Fugitive (push accident)

Completed without SA: 14
The Forger (knife)
The Sensation (sniper kill)
The Gunrunner (throwing him a screwdriver)
The Twin (sniper kill)
The Wildcard (sniper kill)
The Black Hat (headshot)
The Pharmacist (chandelier accident)
The Ex Dictator (Fiberwired him and a headshot for her)
The Angel of Death (Throwing her a screwdriver)
The Food Critic (throwing him a bomb)
The Guru (headshot)
The Warlord (fiberwired, but I did a mass murder of her army after being spotted by the son)
The Enterteiner (headshot)


Missed: 4/26
Failed: 0/26
Silent Assassin: 14/26

The Forger - missed
The Congressman - missed
The Prince - missed
The Sensation - missed
The Gunrunner - Proximity bomb
The Twin - Sniper rifle
The Wildcard - Car explosion
The Broker - Electrocution
The Black Hat - Fire axe (SA)
The Pharmacist - Chandelier
The Fixer - Fiberwire
The Identity Thief - Electrocution (SA)
The Ex-Dictator & The Gold-Digger - Fire extinguisher (SA)
The Chef - Poison syringe (SA)
The Angel of Death - Push of the roof
The Guru - Chandelier (SA)
The Food Critic - Fire extinguisher
The Chameleon - Poison syringe (SA)
The Blackmailer - Drowned in toilet (SA)
The Warlord - Fiberwire (SA)
The Doctor & The Surgeon - Virus (SA)
The Bookkeeper - Car explosion (SA)
The Paparazzo - Machete (SA)
The BadBoy - Push of the cliff (SA)
The Fugitive - Scalpel (SA)
The Entertainer - Fiberwire (SA)


Missed: 9/26
Failed: 1/26
Silent Assassin: 6/26

The Forger - missed
The Congressman - Proximity bomb
The Prince - Falling bell
The Sensation - Sniper rifle
The Gunrunner - missed
The Twin - Sniper Rifle
The Wildcard - missed
The Broker - failed
The Black Hat - missed
The Pharmacist - missed
The Fixer - missed
The Identity Thief - missed
The Ex-Dictator & The Gold-Digger - missed
The Chef - Falling chandelier (SA)
The Angel of Death - Motorcycle explosion (SA)
The Guru - Falling chandelier (SA)
The Food Critic - Fire extinguisher (SA)
The Chameleon - Dumped out window (SA)
The Blackmailer - Sniper rifle
The Warlord - Machete
The Doctor & The Surgeon - missed
The Bookkeeper - Sniper rifle
The Paparazzo - Explosive phone
The BadBoy - Pistol or sniper?
The Fugitive - Pistol to the back of head
The Entertainer - Pistol elimination (SA)

Missed a large chunk of the ET’s last year during uni. However when the rewards began I was able to get 5 SA’s on the trot, which was pleasing. I think The Warlord was my favourite.


The Broker - electrocution
The Identity Thief - lethal injection
The Chef - FE
The Guru - lethal injection
The Food Critic - fall
The Chameleon - fall
The Blackmailer - fiber wire
The Fugitive - fiber wire

The Congressman - silberballer
The Prince - silverballer
The Sensation - lancer
The Gunrunner - FE
The Twin - jaeger 7
The Wild Card - lethal injection
The Black Hat - consumed poison
The Pharmacist - FE
The Angel of Death - fiber wire
The Warlord - machete
The Doctor and The Surgeon - virus
The Bookkeeper - silverballer
The Paparazzo - fiber wire
The Badboy - Sieger 300
The Entertainer - lethal injection

The Forger - gunned down in attic
The Fixer - subdued courier
The Ex-Dictator and The Gold Digger - killed dictator via lethal injection, gunned down in serving area trying to kill the gold digger


All completed. SA’d when a new suit was available. And got a few other SA by accident.

  • All Elusive Targets Completed.
  • One (PS4) account.

Completed: 26 / 26
Missed: 0
Failed: 0
Silent Assassin: 26



I only realised thats how you could unlock suits, and I’m a pre purchaser…

Complete: 1/26
26: The Entertainer

Missed: 25/26
All of them minus ‘26: The Entertainer’.

Silent Assassin: 1/26

Failed: 0/26

Atempts: 1
26: The Entertainer

Wow, I really did fuck myself over…


Completed : 26/26
SA rating : 18/26

The Forger - fiber wire
The Congressman - fall
The Prince - combat knife (SA)
The Sensation - sniper shot
The Gunrunner - ICA chrome (SA)
The Twin - neck broken
The Wildcard - ICA chrome (SA)
The Broker - war axe (SA)
The Black Hat - paper knife (SA)
The Pharmacist - lethal injection (SA)
The Fixer - shotgun
The Identity Thief - machette (SA)
The Ex-Dictator & The Gold-Digger - fire extinguisher
The Chef - shuriken (SA)
The Angel of Death - object fall (SA)
The Guru - combat knife (SA)
The Food Critic - combat knife (SA)
The Chameleon - drowning (SA)
The Blackmailer - axe (SA)
The Warlord - ICA phone
The Doctor & The Surgeon - virus (SA)
The Bookkeeper - nitroglycerin
The Paparazzo - saber (SA)
The BadBoy - poison (SA)
The Fugitive - scalpel (SA)
The Entertainer - assault rifle (SA)


Here’s whaf happened in my first attempt on every ET:
The Forger - Missed
The Congressman - Missed
The Prince - Failed
The Sensation - Failed
The Gunrunner - Missed
The Twin - Complete/Sniper Kill
The Wildcard - Blowed myself up
The Broker - Failed
The Black Hat - Poison Kill/Spotted while leavin the attic/Survived
The Pharmacist - Gave up and shot her/The guards has assault riffles RIP
The Fixer - That fucking courier (I punched him in the beginning)
The Ex-Dictactor - SASO/FE
The Chef - SA/FE
The Angel of Death - SA/FE
The Guru - Poison/Got Fukt by head turning (2nd account)
The Food Critic - SA/FE
The Chameleon - Got fuck opening the shelter (2nd account)
The Blackmailer -SA/Blind/No Restarts
The Warlord - Got Fukt multiple times
The Surgeons - Got fukt in the kitchen and punched the 2 guys
The Bookkeeper - Oh boy!! Let’s not talk bout this one!! (2nd account)
The Pqpparazzo - SA
The Badboy , - Blind/No Restarts
The fugitive - SA/SO/Lamp Kiĺl
The Entertainer - Blind/No Restarts



The Forger
The Congressman
The Prince
The Sensation
The Gunrunner
The Twin
The Wild Card
The Broker
The Black Hat
The Pharmacist
The Identity Thief
The Fixer
The Ex-Dictator
The Chef
The Angel of Death
The Food Critic
The Guru
The Chameleon
The Blackmailer
The Warlord
The Surgeons
The Badboy
The Fugitive
The Entertainer


The Bookkeeper


The Paparazzo


Silent Assassin:
The Sensation (Drowning).
The Pharmacist (Car Bomb).
The Identity Thief (Electrocution).
The Chef (Poison).
The Angel of Death (Silverballer).
The Guru (Chandelier).
The Blackmailer (Syringe).
The Warlord (Syringe).
The Surgeons (Virus Syringes).
The Fugitive (Poison).
The Entertainer (Poison).

Completed, no SA:
The Forger (Silverballer).
The Congressman (Explosion).
The Prince (Sniped).
The Gunrunner (Explosion).
The Twin (Sniped).
The Wild Card (Explosion).
The Broker (Sniped).
The Black Hat (Silverballer, multiple non-targets killed).
The Fixer (Explosive Accident, one non target killed).
The Papparazzo (Syringe).
The Bad Boy (Silverballer).

The Bookkeeper (Time expired).
The Ex-Dictator (Shitty AI not telling me about the hostile area).
The Food Critic (Killed him, but died).

Overall, I think the best three Elusive Targets were The Fixer, The Fugitive, and The Prince, while the worst three were The Chameleon, The Sensation, and The Ex-Dictator (Especially that one. Fuck that one).


The Twin (lethal syringe)

The Broker (lethal syringe)
Didn’t get video for this as I lost the recording

The Chef (oven explosion accident)

The Food Critic (push accident)

The Guru (ICA phone)

The Surgeons (virus syringes)

The Bookkeeper (chandelier accident)

The Paparazzo (speaker accident)

The Badboy (fiber wire)

The Fugitive (snowmobile explosion accident)

The Entertainer (push accident)

The Angel Of Death (push)

The Chameleon (drown)

The Blackmailer (combat knife)

The Warlord (nne obara machete)

Eliminated non-SA
The Wild Card (proximity bomb in lockdown shed)

The Black Hat (remote explosive)

The Pharmacist (sniper rifle)

The Identity Thief (ICA phone)

The Ex-Dictator (ICA phone)

The Forger
The Sensation
The Fixer

The Congressman
The Prince
The Gunrunner


Got rekt in The Ex-Director and The Surgeons, most runs where not SA, all blind/no restarts.

But most importantly, got all the suits!

Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMY8xyETGlJv5xBEvSWFQA9_cQcmvnkhb

I did play some of them again with an alt account though, this is definitely the biggest highlight:


The Forger - missed
The Congressman - missed
The Prince - missed
The Sensation - missed
The Gunrunner - missed
The Twin - missed
The Wildcard - missed
The Broker - missed
The Black Hat - missed
The Pharmacist - failed
The Fixer - Pistol
The Identity Thief - Push
The Ex-Dictator & The Gold-Digger - Push and Pistol
The Chef - Fibre Wire (SA)
The Angel of Death - Lethal Syringe
The Guru - Drowning (SA)
The Food Critic - Push (SA)
The Chameleon - Drowning
The Blackmailer - Fireaxe (SA)
The Warlord - Pistol Takedown (SA)
The Doctor & The Surgeon - Fibre Wire (SA, technically)
The Bookkeeper - Sniper
The Paparazzo - Rubber Duck
The BadBoy - Fibre Wire (SA)
The Fugitive - Fibre Wire
The Entertainer - failed, because apparently 47 can get killed by a breaching charge explosion while trying to open a door. i’m pissed. this wasn’t my fault…


For people who can’t play Elusive

Ask your friend to log in on his computer with your steam acc, download game, turn on skype and share the monitor, play.



The Food Critic- FE explosion
The Bookkeeper- Car explosion
The Badboy- Kicked off cliff
The Fugitive- Propane explosion


The Guru- Punched Keith
The Chameleon- Shot to death
The Blackmailer- Blown up by FE
The Warlord- Beaten up by guard
The Doctor and The Surgeon- Shot to death
The Paparazzo- Ran into electrified puddle


The Forger
The Congressman
The Prince
The Sensation
The Gunrunner
The Twin
The Wildcard
The Broker
The Black Hat
The Pharmacist
The Fixer
The Identity Thief
The Ex-Dictator & The Gold-Digger
The Chef
The Angel of Death
The Entertainer


The Forger: Eliminated, I believe I slit his throat after he refused to drink his poisoned beverage (SA)
The Congressman: Eliminated (Tried drowning him but bodyguard followed him into the bathroom to watch)
The Prince: Eliminated (If I remember correctly, I sniped this target)
The Sensation: Eliminated, drowned (SA)
The Gunrunner: Eliminated, can’t remember this one too well (SA)
The Twin: Eliminated (Didn’t get SA because I sniped him from 47’s hideout)
The Wild Card: Eliminated (I sniped him from one of the apartments)
The Broker: Eliminated (almost died after getting spotted killing the target in the garden)
The Black Hat: Eliminated (Spotted by a guard trying to get into the room with the target)
The Pharmacist: Eliminated (Can’t remember what I did with this target)
The Identity Thief: Eliminated, electrocution (SA)
The Fixer: Eliminated (killed a non-target, I don’t even remember how I did this one)
The Ex-Dictator: Eliminated (Had a lot going on that week, so I threw a rubber duck at the targets and ran)
The Chef: Eliminated, poisoned (SA)
The Angel of Death: Eliminated, push (SA)
The Food Critic: Eliminated, push (SA)
The Guru: Eliminated, falling object (SA)
The Chameleon: Eliminated, drowned (SA)
The Blackmailer: Eliminated (Got spotted by civilian using lethal poison syringe and bolted to the exit)
The Warlord: Eliminated, machete (NPC saw through disguise heading to an exit…not a happy moment…)
The Surgeons: Eliminated, virus syringes (SA)
The Bookkeeper: Eliminated, can’t remember how I got this one (SA)
The Paparazzo: Eliminated, FE kill (SA)
The Badboy: Eliminated, poisoned (SA)
The Fugitive: Eliminated, push (SA)
The Entertainer: Eliminated, poisoned his coffee! (SA)