S#1 ELUSIVE TARGETS: (Your Results)


The Forger - Pressed the wrong button when standing next to a npc and got shot
The Congressman - rubby duckie bomb
The Prince - missed
The Sensation - missed
The Gunrunner - shot or snapped neck (can’t really remember)
The Twin - Sniper rifle
The Wildcard - lured into shop and snapped neck
The Broker - Missed
The Black Hat - snapped neck
The Pharmacist - strangled
The Fixer - missed
The Identity Thief - missed
The Ex-Dictator & The Gold-Digger - missed
The Chef - missed
The Angel of Death - missed
The Guru - Chandelier
The Food Critic - Fire extinguisher
The Chameleon - pushed off roof
The Blackmailer - Drowned in toilet
The Warlord - Stabbed with her own machete
The Doctor & The Surgeon - Virus
The Bookkeeper - Car explosion
The Paparazzo - Missed
The BadBoy - Pushed off cliff (but I still got spotted and shot)
The Fugitive - poison syringe
The Entertainer - missed

Looking through this list does make me a bit sad that the targets are never coming back, would love them to make a reappearance even if I had to pay for it (paying a fiver for perminant access to them would be great for me, but I understand people who feel differently.) I get that it’s a really cool gimick that they never return, but despite being a huge hitman fan, I ended up missing nearly half of them just because I travel alot and often don’t have access to my console.


Interesting thread. I started playing HITMAN when The Chef was out so I got to play half of the ET:s, completed everyone of them.

The Chef - Chandelier (SA)
The Angel of Death - Motorcycle explosion
The Guru - Neck snapped (SA)
The Food Critic - Fire extinguisher (SA)
The Chameleon - Pushed off the balcony (SA)
The Blackmailer - Shot with pistol (SA)
The Warlord - Stabbed with her own machete (SA)
The Doctor & The Surgeon - Virus (SA)
The Bookkeeper - Car explosion
The Paparazzo - Shot with pistol
The Badboy - Lamp explosion
The Fugitive - Strangled (SA)
The Entertainer - Sniped


How could have you missed him if he’s still there?


It isn’t over yet… Play it lol


I purchased the game in december, waited for all the episodes to come out.

So, i started with the food critic, failed 2, one because of a FUCKING BUG :rage:, that is the bookkeeper, i killed him but still the countdown wont stop and i failed to escape.

Just needed 1 more successful elusive to unlock the Blood Money Suit :cry: Well, gonna wait for season 2.


Failed 2.
Not sure how many SA completions I have, but I have the Winter Suit, so like the song goes:



Killed every one but the photographer, which i missed. I know i would have beat it tho


#1 - #20

#21 - The Surgeons (I pushed the guy off of the railing and was spotted, I was then hunted down and slain.)
#22 - The Bookkeeper (I killed him with a duck, but was then hunted and killed.)

#23 - The Paparazzo (I un-SA fire extinguished him)
#24 - The Badboy (I slowly lured and KO’d everyone in the gelateria, SA)
#25 - The Fugitive (I lured one into a bathroom, trying putting him in a closet, he was the target, so I shot him in the face)
#26 - The Entertainer (I killed his guards, sent him to the cafe three times, killed him when he came back)

I’m so good at this game (sarcasm)


You will continue to improve. Trust me on that.


I’m going to be out of the country and my console for the next couple of weeks, so theres nothing way I won’t miss it.


Missed: 0/26
Failed: 2/26
Silent Assassin: 13/26
Restarts: 0. Ever.

Silent Assassin
The Congressman - fibre-wire
The Gunrunner - fibre-wire
The Wildcard - fibre-wire
The Broker - electrocution
The Black Hat - fibre-wire
The Fixer - fibre-wire
The Identity Thief - electrocution
The Angel of Death - oil leak explosion via sniper rifle
The Blackmailer - fire extinguisher explosion via pistol
The Doctor & The Surgeon - virus (both)
The Bookkeeper - propane tank explosion via breaching charge
The Paparazzo - lethal syringe
The Fugitive - lethal syringe

Completed (non-SA)
The Forger - fibre-wire (spotted by target’s bodyguard)
The Prince - screwdriver (had to dispose of guard and church staff who heard the close combat)
The Sensation - Pale Duck
The Twin - sniper rifle
The Pharmacist - Pale Duck
The Ex-Dictator & The Gold-Digger - fibre-wire (him) / fire extinguisher via pistol (her) (his body found 5 seconds before I reached the exit)
The Chef - Pale Duck
The Guru - chandelier (should have been SA but I forgot to erase the camera tapes… still sore about my mistake there!)
The Chameleon - unconscious window fall (having messily eliminated the rest of the top floor)
The Warlord - machine gun to the face (easily the closest I came to death without failing across the entire season)
The Entertainer - Pale Duck

The Food Critic - target not killed (messed up dropping a breaching charge in guard disguise and was shot to death)
The Badboy - pushed off the cliff, but spotted and shot to death


Here’s my results, completed 26/26. Usually played it safe and didn’t aim for SA except to get the suits.

  1. Forger- neck snap
  2. Congressman- poison
  3. Prince- fiber wire (SA)
  4. Sensation- poison
  5. Gunrunner- neck snap (SA)
  6. Twin- sniped
  7. Wildcard- duck-bombed
  8. Broker- electrocuted
  9. Black Hat- shot
  10. Pharmacist- car explosion (SA)
  11. Fixer- duck-bombed
  12. Identity Thief- electrocuted
  13. Ex-Dictator & Gold-Digger- duck-bombed
  14. Chef- poison (SA)
  15. Angel of Death- electrocuted (SA)
  16. Guru- chandelier (SA)
  17. Food Critic- fire extinguisher (SA)
  18. Chameleon- pushed off ledge (SA)
  19. Blackmailer- neck snap (SA)
  20. Warlord- duck-bombed
  21. Surgeons- hem. syringe (Akane), fugu poison (Pavel) (SA challenge only)
  22. Bookkeeper- sniped
  23. Paparazzo- duck-bombed
  24. Bad Boy- duck-bombed
  25. Fugitive- headshot (SA)
  26. Entertainer- headshot


21/26 Elusive Targets eliminated.

  1. The Forger - Missed
  2. The Congressman - Missed
  3. The Prince - Missed
  4. The Sensation - Missed
  5. The Gunrunner - Missed
  6. The Twin - Killed/No SA
  7. The Wildcard - Killed/SA
  8. The Broker - Killed/No SA
  9. The Black Hat - Killed/SA
  10. The Pharmacist - Killed/SA
  11. The Fixer - Killed/SA
  12. The Identity Thief - Killed/SA
  13. The Ex-Dictator & Gold Digger - Killed/SA
  14. The Chef - Killed/SA
  15. The Angel of Death - Killed/SA
  16. The Guru - Killed/No SA
  17. The Food Critic - Killed/SA
  18. The Chameleon - Killed/SA
  19. The Blackmailer - Killed/SA
  20. The Warlord - Killed/SA
  21. The Surgeon & Doctor - Killed/SA
  22. The Bookkeeper- Killed SA
  23. The Paparazzo - Killed/SA
  24. The Badboy - Killed/SA
  25. The Fugitive - Killed/SA
  26. The Entertainer - Killed/SA