Samurai Jack Season 5


I hope like hell they get David Alan Grier to voice him again.


Its been some time since ive been really “hyped” for stuff. But This is one of them.
Tomorrow is the premiere.
Been watching older episodes. Need to rewatch complete 4 seasons.
I understand season 5 is just the ending. I am trying not to get overhyped or expect too much.
The only thing to expect is at least a good ending for a well crafted show. Everything good has already been released.
Season 5 is just the cherry on top.


Yep. One day indeed. Have all 4 seasons but havent gotten far. Really love it but too little time. Games and other movies first before rewatching older thungs. Have kids so when home play with them and so on. Will watch the new ones from the moment they are out. Ready for it… can’t wait…


New intro…


Finally, Cartoon Network brought back a show and did not shit on it at all. Season premiere was fantastic.


Its not cartoon network anymore. Its adult swim but writers an maker and voices are same dudes…


Save for Aku, but at least they got Mako’s understudy.

And damn it, that Scaramouche fight was sick.


Just watched it and it was awesome…
Lives up to the hype it build up.
Loved the vibe and the music.
It feels a bit like a horror and is cool that way…
The scene after that first fight. (To avoid spoilers) was sick but cool. Deep story and awesome fights.
Really looking foreward to episode 2…


@KrugerSchmidts seen it?


Yep Yesterday.
It was amazing. I was very worried, if they would miss something. But nothing. Everything was intact. It didnt loose its feel one bit.
An interesting villian with character, small comedic moments. All of the set pieces were there.
Hats of to Tartakovsky. :ok_hand:

Obviously we all miss the sword action. hope it comes back early and not near the end.


Genndy hasn’t lost a step. I watched S5E1 over and over and just can’t get over the fact that the only thing that’s really changed is the overall tone. I love it.

Can’t wait to see what Jack does with that tuning fork sword, either.


“Au Revoir” -That’s French for you’re dead Babe…


Indeed just the tone thats is changed but its also fitting he is more angry and so on with ot beeing 50years and gooing. Smart move from Genndy to make the story so… also funny that he wanted a darker story in the beginning but due to cartoon publishing they went with robots and so came the future storyline. Glad it went this way because it is now the awesome orignal thing it is. And with it now beeing darker it makes the perfect combo of weirdness and voilence it would not have had would it be directly Rrated… (altough it was pretty already pretty brutal in the old seasons tho)


I would post one the most epic fights that made these series memorable for me.
Post your fav ones too.
Here you see the fight of senses and facing opponents that are more powerful than you.
The meditation scene before the fight and the score that plays, can you really compare? Its one of the best scenes.


One of my favorite scenes is the Scotsman vs the Sirens, the music and feels is epic in this part, specialy when he is fireing at them at 1m53 when they kind of like use their singing as soundtrack for the scene, gives me goosebumbs… (new season gave me goosebumbs as well when all the leaves falling together yelled DIE!!!)


I fully agree.
When i first watched the sirens episodes. It was like 2 episodes long adventure and in the end when the sirens showed up they really creeped me out. And that head cut, in the end is just epic.
Plus the funny thing is the scotsman calls them "She Dogs"
Thats the old Cartoon Network where you could say Bitch without being held for it. LoL.

And if the scotsman wasnt there in this episode, This episode would have gone real dark and scary.


My fave is a tie between Jack versus the Shinobi Warrior

And Jack versus the Elementals, which I can’t find raw. Of course I’m a bit biased about that last one, but Jack joining the Mafia and finding ways to avoid having to kill people (especially saving that guy and his dogs) will always hold a special place in my childhood.


This episode is just :ok_hand: Mint.
The sheer display of light and dark contrast, The artistic visuals, Tension of Time, and the cinematic showcase is just unmatched.


I think that scene and the Blind Archer scene both won Emmy awards, actually.


List of winnings and nominations.