Samurai Jack Season 5


Just watched about an hour ago. I agree word to word with what you just said.

Understandably there is a bit difference in cinematic outlook. But that transition of two stories (wolf and jack) going parallel and showing some level of connection. This scenes shows grendy’s work into how maturely some of these themes he wants to handle this time around.


Episode 3 was just, … WOW…,that was something else, so well made, so shocking, so fast…
Did not expect All 6 remaining daughters to die in 1 episode but that leaves room in the rest off the season for some diversety more like the old series and not beeing an more of a long movie cut into pieces…


Song from episode 2…


I think at least Ashi lived. If Jack could survive that fall, I’d imagine the only Daughter to get at least some character development wouldn’t die from it, either.

But goddamn, I got nostalgia chills watching the fight in this episode.

Glad to see the wolf come back, too.


You make a fair point on Ashi


It was originally planned as a movie but they scraped that idea. However we can still see that all 10 episodes are transitioned into one another. Meaning its not like older episodes where you had a separate story for each episode with a ending to stand on its own.
It is different but does not affect the show in any negative way whatsoever. It is understandable and better since a 10 episode long ending is well deserved for this show.


Cool SAM JACK rap I found on the Tube…


Damn april fools on toonami…




Yeah that was a very shit move. i was looking forward to it.

However adult swim still made up the weekend by releasing the first episode of season 3 of Rick and Morty!


Please use spoilertags for episode 4 toughts. Im waiting till friday to watch 1-4 with a friend. He has seen none yet (S05) and Ive seen first 3 and we were gonna watch 1-5 and then 5-10 but with this stupid april joke. Point is I will wait to watch 4th episode till friday… I have seen preview to episode 5 wtf can’t wait for that one…


Youtube suddenly become full of spoilers with their thumbnails. I just watched it minutes ago


Episode 2 is still the best. They are all interesting and very well done but episode two has been the highlight for me.


Watching XCIV now. This episode reminds me quite a bit of Shogun Assassin.


Episode 5 was phenomenal, from the Sad death of our Scotsman to the humor of his amount of dauthers to that beautifull story of the stars beeing created, to the song playing when they ride that seadragon , the turning of Ashi, and Jack gooing with the reaper … BEAUTIFUL EPISODE, can not wait 4 more…


I wanted both of them to meet At least one last time for old time sake i am not too sure about all that Scotsman’s ghost thing tho. Seems a bit cheesy. But i did enjoy it.


We had things like that before, with the viking women getting the old man up to walhalla and thing like that…


Well, the mystery of the Scotsman’s wheelchair is finally answered.

That ending, though.


Samurai Jack. Don’t know what it is but I automatically think of Samurai L. Jackson.


Episode 6 was cool and weird, nostalgia hit like a bomb, with the 3 blind archers, the whoolies ,
the rave the samu raah and so on…
then the weird things like the hilarious but maybe misplaced penis joke (I laughed so hard so it must heve been good). then the weird naked kid Ashi that was brutaly hard and the weird cameos from popeye robot an dog from Jetsons I liked the adult naked Ashi and the Jack almost commiting Samurai suicide that felt very adult. It was a good episode that showed ALOT in 19minutes(if you cut off intro and outro) and still did not feel rushed at all… Hope it leads up to a SUPERAWESOME BATTLE at the end with an army off all these and previous episode characters…