Screen Grab - Movie Game


I could probably get it based off of the actors, but I don’t believe I’ve seen it, so I’ll give others who might’ve done so a shot at it.


It’s not a well known movie. Rather you seen it or know it because of the actors is fine with me.


Is that predator 2?



Sorry but incorrect.


Another pic (your nose) or 2? :joy:







Nope. I’ll post a few more pics shortly.


Last row.


I’ve seen this they hunt people down for sport or something. Unsure of title thow
Is it The Dangerous Game?


Close enough - Surviving The Game is the name and the story is correct.



Oh I know the answer. :smirk: But I’m at work again so I’ll let someone else guess it.


Waterland with KCostner?


It’s called Waterworld. One of teh biggest failures in revenue earnings. I saw it and it isn’t that bad. Quite entertaining.


That’s right :slight_smile: ‘’’’’’’



When A stranger Calls. (2006 version)


Looks like this one’s tougher then I thought. This should help.


Is that Friday by any chance?