Screen Grab - Movie Game


Pretty interesting pic but I have no idea.


Another picture from the movie.


And another one:


Ok… last picture. This is the DVD cover, without the title:


I’ll be honest man, I never would’ve guessed it, but since you posted the last pic with Casper Van Dien’s name on it, I found out it’s titled The Pact. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll post something in a minute.



Wonder Woman?



Correct! Your play next.




Might need some help on this one. I got nothing.


The game of pool kept coming to mind while looking at this pic but the only one I could think of is the one he did with Tom Cruise. Obviously that was not a B&W film. Semi-cheated by looking at the actors IMDB page simply for a list of movies (no pics). So if my “pool” feeling was correct, I’m going to go with “The Hustler”

If that’s correct but I cheated, my bad and I’ll pass my turn.


It is the hustler. So I’ll go.




I don’t think anyone would’ve got it otherwise :joy:


Yep. That’s it.



I think that’s the third Matrix film. If I’m right, someone else can take my turn.


The second one, but thats close enough!


I was actually going to say that, but doubted myself. Well looks like I’ll have a go anyway, since @Nazareth said to take the turn.


Is it Rush Hour 2? I haven’t seen any of those movies in years, but I remember Jackie Chan in the purple robe.

Looked the scene up on youtube. I’m right.