Screen Grab - Movie Game


That’s surely it. :wink:



Going by the saturation this is probably a Michael Bay movie. Pain & Gain?


Congratulations !


You going next or…


Someone else can take my turn.


This one should be easy.


Spider-Man, the Sam Raimi one


Saving Private Ryan. Positive.

That was actually my favorite and and most memorable scene of the entire movie.

Edit: sorry, forgot about title reveal when clicking on a pic. Swapped it out with same pic but no title this time. My bad, haven’t played in a while.


First Knight. Never saw it all the way though. Some how I always catch it in the middle after she gets captured.



Loaded Weapon i believe was the name?


Nice, got that quicker than I thought.


Knew it instantly just wasn’t positive on the name.
Hmmm, I had a movue in mind yesterday and completely forgot it. Give me a couple mins.


Can’t find the pic for the movie I want yet so here’s what should be an easy one to pass the torch on.


Is it Rambo First Blood?


We have a winner!


Cool. Anyone else can have my turn, I need to get to bed.



Grand Turino?


That’s correct!