Screen Grab - Movie Game


Going by the last image that’s Layer Cake? maybe…:thinking:


That is correct! Nice going.


I just remembered that Daniel Craig had light blonde hair in that and I’ve never seen him with that hair in anything else :stuck_out_tongue:


Very underrated movie imo


The Place Beyond The Pines! Yep, that’s another one under a lot of people’s radar.


The first hour blew me away and then the rest made me go…what happened to this movie it was sooo good :sweat_smile:

Still great nonetheless but that first hour is fantastic


I agree completely. :slightly_smiling_face:


Isn’t that IT (2017)?


Of course IT is! :wink:


Nice, IT (2017) was a pretty good movie, ngl. This should be easy, but this movie is one of my favorites.


Hell yeah! So glad my brother talked me into watching it with him, otherwise it wouldn’t be one my fav’s too. I’m out of picks so I’ll let somebody else have the honors.


It’s Whiplash right?


Yep, your turn. Man the soundtrack for this movie is awesome, really surprised the same guy did the soundtrack for La La Land. Both are awesome movies!



Cinderella Man? This text will be blurred


Right you are.


Cool. Anybody want to take my turn?


I named my cat after the left character. Small hint somewhere.


so your cat is named turkish…
This is so easy and one of the most cult movie ever so I let anybody else to guess it


@FearlessArogunz It’s Snatch.