Screen Grab - Movie Game


That’s Hitman (2007)


Breaking Bad? But it’s a TV show, I’m not sure.


Nope. It’s not Breaking Bad, and its not a tv-series


@kent The accountant!!!


You want to go next or pass?


You go I pass. Good one


Cool, but I got nothing right now. Who’s next?



Last Samurai?

20 little characters sat on a fucking wall




Holy shit didn’t think that would be right…I just went with the only samurai movie I’ve ever heard of.

Here’s mine.


The file name is a giveaway?


Fuck. Shit. Crap. Darn.

You’re turn I guess.


No, you go ahead. I don’t have anything at the moment.


I’ll go next. Keep things moving.

Who you


Is that the one with a big family reunion at their childhood home in the country? I know that’s vague but I don’t remember too much about it (if it’s the right movie). And the title’s on the tip of my tongue.


Sorry man. I know the one you’re talking about but this isn’t it.


Chris Rock and Rosario Dawson in the first image… I believe there’s only one movie they’ve acted together?


That’s true. This text will be blurred


Could be everyone’s taking a break, but I can’t believe this movie can be that hard.