Screen Grab - Movie Game


Naked Gun?’’’’’’’’’’’’


Ding ding ding!
Not exactly, but this thread needs to move on!
More specifically it’s form “Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult”.
To be fair, I’ve never seen this movie until a few days ago, and I would imagine the first two play more often on cable television than this one. (I only just watched those two as well.)



I hate will ferrel and I only know a few movies with him. So this is just a stupid guess. A night at the Roxbury?


Nope but this is a movie he appears as cameo :wink:


Valentine’s Day? (The “V” in the second screen gave me the idea.)
Edit: Checked and I’m wrong.
My first guess would have been “Land of the Lost” cause I thought that was Anna Friel hugging him. (After the fact of Googling their names, so I forfeited my guess.)


Wedding crashers!!! I’m pretty sure cuz that 3rd pic did it for me. Walken. One of my favorites.

Boy, I got a couple of movies I love also and I don’t know which to post. I guess this one. Might be tough for some.


Three O’clock High


Got it. Your turn.




Killing Them Softly?


Yes, it is. 20 caracters





This movie use to scare the hell out of me when I was a kid.


‘Arachnophobia’? :smile: :smile:


:laughing: Not quite.

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Haha, sorry for making you confused. I will post my screen in hour. :blush:



Dial M for murder.

M…its not working.


That’s because you’re missing some letters. :smirk: