Screen Grab - Movie Game


Here’s my screenshot.


Last Man Standing. Good Movie.


Yep. Loved the over exaggerated effects.


I’m a post this here first then after somebody guesses it, I’ll post it in the Worst Movies Ever Seen thread.


The Spirit, I agree movie is shitty



Machete! Good old fashion mindless entertainment. :+1:


Kung Pow


Nicely done! Your play.


Hint: A Tv-series was made based on this movie
It’s comedy and action of movie is set during war


Looks like Scarface, but I’m probably wrong


It’s far far from that, I’ll post another pic


Reminds me of MAS*H. Never knew that was a movie first.


Bingo, MASH, I don’t like tvseries but movie is excellent


That’s funny - I never cared for the TV show but now I kind of want to see the movie.

Here’s a film that looks a lot more exciting then it actually is.


I encourage you to do that, and if You watch it, write what You think

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow?


I’ll check it out. And correct.



Is that Requiem by chance?


Yep, and during this scene runs that famous track by Mansell that was overused everywhere ;]