Screen Grab - Movie Game



Fantastic movie…


Yes! Great movie.



Might be difficult, so I made it three screens.


Another wild guess; jurassic park?


Defo not any of the Jurrassic Park -related movies.

All of the dino stuff in this movie is practical, and near the very end of the movie. .

It’s an obscure 80s scifi movie. Probably over shadowed by other similar movies at the time.


Wild guess - Revenge Of The Nerds?


Nope. If anyone wants to work it out IMDB style, they might want to guess who the older actor in the first cap is.
And to help you guys out with that:

This competed with Back to the Future and Weird Science back when it was released.


This guy looks like Dennis Hopper
So in 1985 Scifi movie with Dennis Hooper was… My Science Project


It may or may not be because he is Dennis Hopper.

“My Science Project” is correct. If you guys enjoy old 80s scifis you might like this. It’s not the best, but its entertaining IMO.

You’re up.


That was hard
Anyone Can take my turn


I would like to :smile:


The Cell?






Is it “The Walk”?

If it is, someone else can have my go. I’m off to bed.


Is it “HARDCORE Henry”? (I think it’s wrong)
But the idea of @Kent could be possible!


“The Walk” is the right answer


Seems like no one wants to continue :smile:
I’ll go to bed too, so if you think you’re right continue!


Minority Report

Didn’t notice :laughing:


Correct. It’s​ even in the file name :smile: