Screen Grab - Movie Game



The Return of the Living Dead!
Iove that movie, it’s more comedy than horror
I watched it first when I was a little kid and it scared me the hell out, I believed it is “based on true events” - info that appears on the beginning of the movie hahha



Give me a moment and I’ll fix a cap… There:


Tron( 2010)?

EDIT: Looks like someone beat me to it.


Yeap. And it is of course correct.


You were first, your turn! :smile:


It’s all good man. Go ahead and take the lead. I’ve already had plenty of turns. :ok_hand:


Thank very much :smile:


American Sniper.

Someone else can take my turn.










The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Give me a min. I’ll edit something in.

Might be another one of my obscure ones, but I figure if you’ve seen the flick this should probably be enough.


Shit, is that Ice Harvest? I almost said it earlier but thought it was wrong.


It is the Ice Harvest.


Couldn’t tell for sure without that forth pick.

EDIT: Some extra pics just in case.




You got it.

$20 wired to you’re account.


What happened to $200? :innocent: :laughing: