Screen Grab - Video Game... game


nope, but it’s obvious an indie game


The Fall! Can’t wait for the sequel later this year.


That’s right :smiley:


Pretty obscure, seeing how it hasn’t come out of Japan, but it’s a spin off of a series that’s getting some traction in the west.


Uhmmm, yakuza? Is it?


Yakuza: Ishin to be exact.


Correct! Gorgon got it.


I wonder if this one’s fine… Well gamespot and gafefaqs both list it as a game, so whatever:


Princess robot bubblegum!


Isn’t that a GTA4 and GTA5’s anime?


I honestly can’t tell if that guy is a troll account.


I don’t think anyone’s gonna get this one. I’m a weeb and even I don’t have a clue what it is!


Just a little hybrid of VN and RPG where you control a doctor who uses genetics to cure his incurable little sister, if I understood the story correctly.


So, it has been awhile. Should we skip the turn, or does someone know what the game is? I don’t have a clue, should we just have a pass so this thread doesn’t die out?


Well, title consists of english words (though I know how it’s written using japanese letters too), in case anyone gave up on searching because they thought title was in japanese.


Rather the title is in English or Japanese, it’s been 8 days and no one has guessed the answer and it’s safe to say no one will. So in the interest of keeping the thread moving, we’re going to have to skip this one.


Guess I’ll go next.


Indigo’s Prophecy? Maybe.


You got it right! Maybe.:wink:


Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit