Screen Grab - Video Game... game


All righty:


Also correct but @scm97tl got it first.


I know I’ve seen this before…can’t quite pinpoint it just yet.


It’s a fine slasher game from the PSX. I really hope you or someone else gets this one.


Ok, I think its called Soul of the Samurai?


And that’s exactly the gem. Well done!


Fuck yeah. Sadly I don’t have any follow ups at the moment so who wants to go next?


Pretty simple! :wink:


I have a pretty good guess but since I don’t have another pic, I’ll leave it for someone else.:slight_smile:


How can I not guess a game from my native country. Wiedźmin 3: Dziki Gon. Now can I come back to my previous screen or do I need to use different game?


I suggest a different game.


Fine, then have something that was released outside of Japan.


Cool. I have no idea what it is but if no one can get the answer in a day or two, odds are it’ll probably be skipped as well. You may want to drop some hints.


Already dropped hint that it was released outside of Japan, which means it is Japanese game. It’s genre can be deducted HUD. And context of situation characters are in is obvious from that one line of dialogue. If someone played it, they’ll know it in an instant.


Guilty Gear! It’s May’s insta-kill


If you know you’re right then take the lead. Or pass.


I’ll let someone else do the next one


Only in Xrd. Her instakill in previous installments is rest of the crew running over opponent.


Isn’t that the Witcher 3? Looks like it all least.


Correct but you’re a little late. :wink: