Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Well, I don’t mind really. I am not at home right now so I wouldn’t even be able to do my turn. I’m running out of ideas anyways for games to do for my turn.



Can’t say what it is but it does look like fun.


It’s one of the best turn-based fairly recent RPGs out there.


Is it an Obsidian Entertainment Game? Or Early Access if on Steam?


I can tell you that the 2nd part is on Early Access on Steam right now. This one is the 1st part. :slight_smile:


DIvinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition? I literally went on Steam, and searched for turn based in popular tags. This game and the sequel popped up, and surprisingly enough it was Early Access. It is also on sale if anyone is interested.


That’s correct! You should really have a go at it if you are interested in turn-based RPGs. It’s awesome!


I really want to get into turn based RPGs. To start if off, I have bought Fallout 2 on PC, but haven’t finished it yet. I also want to get this game:


Pillars of Eternity?


Nope, but really close. I also want to try that game out, PoE 2 is coming out soon.


Got a bit confused with the games. Tyranny?


Correct! Also this game is on sale, I want to try it out. Your turn.


Sorry, I forgot about this one. Anyone feel free to take my turn.


Can’t. I’m at work. :disappointed:


Home sweet home.


Army of two: the 40th day - url shows it.


Sniper Elite 2? Wild guess.


Hint: look at a modern style of architecture, add to this those red flags with that symbol… something doesn’t fit here, does it?


new order?
I mean wolfenstein: new order