Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Yep, you are right. Worst mission in the whole game.


I forgave this part as it was from Briggs’ perspective. That being said, this was the hardest mission to get 100% Ghost rating.


I can take your turn, @05prash05

I can give out hints if no one can get it


It wasn’t. That guess was way off. And btw, you could wait at least whole day next time. My job has 24 hour long shifts. As for above one: From the Depths. At least try not to use Steam pics or people’ll randomly stumble upon them during discovery queues,


Someone can take my turn if I’m right


In that case, post your pic again or something else. Your turn anyway. You work full 24 hours shifts at your job? Wow…that’s amazing and a bit scary at the same time.

As for steam pics, it’s cool if people can guess it or look it up. Ultimately, I think we want them to, maybe not right away. I don’t think anybody is looking for pics that are too difficult or too unknown, otherwise it just slows the game down to a stop.


Fine, then here it is again:


Crush, crush?


Yep you got it right. The reason I used steam screenshots is because it’s not a well known game, I didn’t want it to be too hard.

Also, is that game Huniecam Studio?


Without that comma, but yes.



Bloodrayne 1.




All righty…


Dark Souls? Or Demon Souls?


No. Goes by that but not DS.




Yes. The pic is from the Orphan of Kos. A horrible walking abortion. Your turn.


Little tip in the name of picture


I remember looking at this in some videos but can’t remember the game. I guess someone else can have the go.