Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Ronin? I played that game before, very similar to Gunpoint


Yes, you are right!


Okay, here it is:

This should be fairly easy, for people that have seen this game before. If people don’t know it, I can just give out hints or say what it is. This is a game, and it’s on steam.


I know this game i just cant remember the name. Its a very weird game, which you play with mouse, You plug in switches into different heads and connectors and weird things happen.

Yes its called "Plug & Play"
Correct? @theinternet11


Yep. The game is so weird, but it probably has some kind of hidden meaning behind it. And who can forget the human centipede scene? Your turn.


Speaking of Weird games. Here is an easy one.


Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015. I hate these trying to be funny games that all mainstream YouTubers play because so random haha xD




I have to finish this game some day, I really like this.



If correct anyone else can take turn.


Yeah, it’s correct. :smiley:


I can go for you, but I am slowly running out of ideas for games to do.


Volume! Someone can take my turn.


Correct. Someone can take his turn.



Invisible, inc. Again, take my turn if you want



Hell, i clicked on the picture. Rip.


What do you mean sorry?


Name of the picture reveals the game? Idk, but it looks like it