Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Brutal legend
I’ll pass my turn.



Splinter Cell Conviction


Right! Your turn.


This may be a tough one.

I’ll start off with a hint. This is one of FromSoft’s earlier titles.


Armored Core 2…I think.


That’s correct. Your turn.


EDIT: I should probably offer some hints. This was released back in 1989 and was the first in the series to be developed for the Sega Genesis, but not the first game of the series.


Shinobi? I remember looking at that horrible boss that’s a big pile of flesh but not sure of the name of teh game.


Revenge of the Shinobi but you’re close enough.


Seriosly? Wow. Still, are you sure I should go next? I mean, I didn’t said the full name.


It’s the third game of the Shinobi series so you’re already in the right ball park. No point in making you jump through hopes. :slight_smile:


All righty:


Since nobody answered, I think I`ll take the turn


That’d be just cause 2


You are right! Your turn now



Heroes of Might and Magic VII?


The Witcher 3 blood and wine dlc? Looks very much like that.


Correct blood and wine, arguably one of the best game add ons.