Screen Grab - Video Game... game


Well, this thread died again, pretty fast. I assume the lack of new hints are to blame. But I guess people may just not be interested.


How is this:

Not a hint?


Well…after this long, I’d like a little more information, maybe a extra pic. But here’s one more guess - one of the Donkey Kong Country games?



Another pic:


Tbf the whole forums are pretty much dead with nothing noteworthy happening hitman wise.


C’mon guys, the new pic pretty much gives it away


Thanks for the new pic but I still got nothing. Might be time to move on but at least a lot of folks tried.


i have no idea, sorry :thinking:


Earthworm Jim game? The second pic has a v similar face


If no one gets it, I think @D1NGdong should get it, he was the closest to it. Or maybe @Danger_dog_guy_7 can do a different game? We’ve been on this one for awhile.


It was already established that Spongebob was a character in the game and the new screen shows a Spongebob-esque background. I would suggest posting a complete screenshot from the actual game with GUI and characters.
I still don’t think anyone will get it, though, since I don’t think anyone here has played it.


It’s quite and old game so a bit hard to find a good picture

Sorry if it’s too blurry


Well man…turns out there’s a big ass list of SpongeBob titles plus crossovers and they look pretty similar to each other. I haven’t played a single one and can’t pinpoint which exact game this is. No offence but I think we should leave this for the rest of the day before moving on to another game because it’s been over a week.


Isn’t that too easy? It’s supposed to be more fun when it’s more challenging right? :slight_smile: If you want I’ll post the most obvious picture about this game you can get.


After this long I’d say it’s too hard. The longer the challenge goes on, the more people lose interest, especially if it’s a game no one here has played, which also hurts the excitement of trying to discover it. Sure if you make the pic too easy then it’ll go by fast but if you make it too difficult, people get bored of trying and the thread dies out again.


Last picture:


This has been going on for far too long (11 days!), so I went ahead and using the power of Wikipedia and Google, found the title. Don’t care if that counts as cheating.

Spongebob and Friends: Battle for Volcano Island.




okay, since @silvereye27 is disqualified for cheating :stuck_out_tongue: i say its my turn:


Resident Evil Gaiden. But I cheated again because your image tag has the name of the game on it.