Season 2 confirmation thread


Hopefully, IO-I can diversify the content we are being drip-fed to improve engagement with this living sandbox.

The same sequence of escalation, featured contract, elusive… is getting kinda’ old.

Why not add a new suit or a new gun or piece of gear, enabling players to return to the existing levels and replay them in different ways?

I would rather get one new item to play with than a months worth of the usual crap that is presently being shoveled into the game. No crappy reskins though! Something novel, like a crossbow!

The absence of a chicken suit is unforgivable!


Or a Briefcase



>IOI is supporting a game with weekly content a year after its release
>people still complain about said weekly content being too infrequent


The stuff that’s coming out is a bit naff though.


Or a wire?

I know, I know it’s old news…but damn, maybe they’re recording new animations with the apparent new studio they acquired?


How many rewards are there going to be with the Elusive targets of this season? I guess none. It is true there are 55 if I’m not mistaken total of elusives. But they are there not for us, but for the new players so they can reach out too for the stuff we had at the beginning.
They didn’t give us weapons for the first 20, don’t even imagine they are going to do it now. If you look at the inventory you can see it is full. Full of explosives we don’t need and rifles that changes only color or a silencer/extended mag


im just waiting for season 2.
hoping they going with at least 10 and smaller locations. with no triggers. and more stuff going in the location. like if its a hotel. its gotta feel like a hotel. its gotta have a gym and at least a pool. with people in the gym and in the pool. with bigger cpu routes.

i haventvtouched the game since a week after landslide came out.

elusives and escalations mean nothing to me



20 characters


Really, assuming season 2 follows season 1’s mold, i.e. 6 big locations with various small content to prop the big locations up, I really hope we get an announcement on it this year. If season 2 is alot more ambitious though, I wouldn’t mind it if it took longer, but I doubt it.

Personally, I think season 1’s post-content of elusive targets and escalations will last until season 2 is announced, at which point season 1’s post-content will wind down in favour of marketing the second season, a bit like how Borderlands 2 final DLC came out a couple days after Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was announced.


I want to visit Canada and New Zealand in the next season. They could have 47 try to shut down a Kiwi terrorist’s plot to trigger worldwide earthquakes from his massive fortress in Christchurch, and there’s only one man who can foil his plans and save the whole world—you guessed it: 0047.

As for Canada, there can be a hockey player who doubles as an international smuggler of bombs, using hollowed-out hockey pucks to transport the explosives. There can be a nice winter town with an arena. There’s only one man who can foil the bad guy’s plans—that’s right, 0047 again!


I really wish we would get the old 47 back. He never killed bad guys to save the day!

Like in “Tradition of the Trade” where he prevent a duo of Germany Neo-Nazi terrorist from blowing up a bomb at an UN conference and…

Ok how about that one mission where he infiltrated a party at an embassy to kill a reneged Russian General and steal some secret blueprints from a safe. I’m sure James Bond never…

Alright, how about that one time he thwarted a conspiracy and saved the life of the USA presid…

Huh, I guess we should tell IOI that the story next Hitman games should be a sequel to Absolution. That one definitely hadn’t a James Bond vibe.:wink:

[quote=“Mike_Marsbergen, post:220, topic:12064, full:true”]
There can be a nice winter town with an arena. There’s only one man who can foil the bad guy’s plans—that’s right, 0047 again![/quote]

Don’t forget the maple syrup factory. Nothing says Canada like drowning your target in maple syrup.


I’m not sure if anyone actually would want to do this, but for me, to keep escalations fresh, I don’t do them in order. Meaning I do level one on a few escalations, and then do some contracts, do some story, do an et or 2. Then go back to other escalations level ones. Then eventually getting to level two. And repeat the cycle. Everything feels fresh and when I get to old escalations, I forgot what I’ve done for previous levels on them and they feel new to me.

Maybe if people tried this, escalations wouldn’t feel so boring and repetitive and worthless so to speak.


No thanks, we get enough of those without evil villains. Source - am from Christchurch.

Although I would love to see a mission set in New Zealand


That’s why it would be the perfect hideout for the evil villain! Who would think an earthquake-triggering madman would live in a place constantly being repaired after various earthquakes? It’s genius!


In regards to Australia, is it a possibility that this is referencing the first tutorial mission which supposedly takes place in “Sydney, Australia” (of course it is actually in the ICA facility).


We’ll find out sooner or later, I guess.


Sounds good. I kind of wish for a rural-to-urban industrial area in a third world country, where wearing a suit is the most suspicious thing one can wear.


One season 1 promise that wasn’t really upheld which I hope season 2 rectifies is the addition of new challenges to exsisting levels. Off the top off my head I can think of some exciting generic challenges like “going loud” where you need to kill the targets with a shotgun or something, which would be very different to the style of all the others. It would also give us a reason to use some of those unlocks as well. I also want to see more story challenges and less contract mode challenges added but that is imo.


I agree with you. But it seems rather obvious that they already planned a Season 2 right from the start. It would’ve been almost impossible to have a satisfying ending for the story they set-up with only the six mission from the first Season… Maybe the emergency plan was to replace Rose with the Shadow Client and Soders/Yuki with the Constant but even that would have made the ending feel rushed.

One of the unlocks was silenced shotgun, just saying.:wink:


I think Australia and New Zeland were mentioned in Colorado briefing while Diana was givin info bout Sean Rose