Season 2 confirmation thread


So i think these are not future locations :frowning:


New Zealand definitely was. I remember pointing that out to my New Zealander girlfriend when I first played Colorado. Can’t remember if Australia was, though.


Season 2 was confimed right at the launch of Season 1 - in this video they immediately mention the story spanning “multiple seasons”:


I thought season 3 was also confirmed by the game’s offical twitter?


Hopefully to see in SE2 the following: Party/club/casino/strange face disguises/briefcase/elavators/pools/planes and much more sexy girls


Neither season 2 nor season 3 have been confirmed. Despite the breathless reporting of the game media that a second season has been “officially confirmed”, this is false. It hasn’t been. It has become an open secret that IOI is working on it, but there have been no official announcements, no press releases, and there has been no confirmation through official channels… there’s been total radio silence outside of a few dev comments in a French interview from half a year ago. Everyone is staying completely mum.

I still think it’s much more likely to happen than not, but it’s still possible that SE is doing more forecasting and could pull the plug on a second season, which is why there’s been no official word. (Cancelling an announced game tanks a public stock more than quietly shelving an unannounced game.) IOI is definitely working on season 2 right now, but please realize that they would be doing this whether or not SE greenlights a season 2. SE and IOI can’t wait for sales data in order to begin development on season 2, so they would fold the cost of initial development of season 2 into season 1, and then hope that the next season would be OKed by higher-ups in order to get enough money to complete it.

I don’t mean to be a bummer. I still think we’re probably getting a second season. But seeing this thread titled ‘Season 2 Officially Confirmed’ keep floating to the top of Hitmanforum is spreading a lot of misinformation. There are a lot of times where game development begins on a sequel, but then it gets scrapped because sales of the original weren’t good enough. The fact that the second season has not been confirmed is worrisome.


Another Season 2 interview!! With Christian Elverdam once again:

USGamer asked some really hard questions about Season 1. About Season 2 there is the same answer; they are still discussing what to do. Christian even said that they don’t want to promise anything right now, you all know the reason why


He talks so much and says so little. Politics await!


Christian Elverdam’s interviews make me feel really good about the series. He likes exactly what I like about the game, and he’s very eloquent about it. I hope that he has a heavy hand in making final decisions about the direction of the series.

In Professional Difficulty, if you get spotted by a camera, the guards will come to check it out. If you shoot someone in front of a camera, they will know it was a crime. They’ll know who they’re looking for. […] Some people say to us, ‘Why is that not a part of normal difficulty?’ That may be an idea to think about for the future. There’s this balance; is this too hardcore or is it not? That’s what we’re trying to figure out.

I really like that they’re considering bringing this feature to Normal difficulty. Normal difficulty is the default playstyle, and I definitely think advanced cameras should be brought into the default playstyle. They don’t make the game a great deal harder, but they do make for a more living, breathing world, and they give players more choices about how to manipulate guard routines.


I used to bitch that guards in normal difficulty did not notice/care that you had a battleaxe as long as you were in a guard uniform. Having played Pro mode, I am now relieved that they do not. Yes, it was more realistic/difficult, but it dramatically limited options and greatly reduced the fun/joy of playing Hitman.

I hope they keep Pro mode completely seperate to the normal difficulty, so that everyone is catered for. Maybe make Pro mode available immediately, rather than as a mastery unlock.


I think pro mode makes the gameplay feel contrived and exacerbates all the things I hate about the game. Imo, they’ve missed the mark.


Yeah, I’m not a fan of how pro-mode was handled either and the fact that a feature like cameras doing anything is locked behind it meaning you have to put up with everything else that comes with it frustrates me, it’d be nice if they added it to normal play.

Like people noticing conspicuous weapons regardless of outfits being a pro-mode feature? Cool, that makes perfect sense, not everyone wants to deal with that but some people would appreciate that added challenge.


I liked the pro mode a lot more than the normal, but it’s a shame I have to spoil the levels for myself if I want to play it. Exploration is more rewarding the tougher it is. Now I can only mostly play it for an added challenge.


This is a good point. The devs have stated that each Hitman level is designed to be played over and over again. You get so familiar with each level that the difficulty becomes irrelevant and it just becomes a chore to grind your way through the challenges.

Also, AI did not seem as advanced as IO-I suggested. Only difference I noted was that they stay in the alert phase for much longer. If 47 runs into a dead end and hides in a basket, the guards still think he magicked himself into the ether rather than check possible hiding spots. Guards were checking lockers in MGS2 on the PS2. I would not want them doing this on normal mode, but it would be a good addition to Pro mode.


RE: Thread title, I changed it a little while ago

Is it ok? or would something else work?


I think ‘Hitman: Season 2’ would be ok


‘Season 2 anticipation thread’ would be most descriptive, I think. But it’s no longer as misleading as it once was.



I am hoping the devs take their time in the evaluation of this Frankenstein HITMAN title they created with their experimentation during the 1st season, and polish what has assuredly worked while incorporating what was obviously missing from the traditional franchise. They delivered a good Hitman experience in uncharted territory while experimenting with new ideas and encouraging community feedback. Personally I would wait another year for the next season to begin if it meant the introduction of new mechanics, more locations, creative Mastery unlocks or perhaps a complete overhaul of how players gain equipment and weapons altogether.

Contracts - Other than leaderboard scores and sharing your contracts with friends I really find little incentive to play this mode unlike how I felt playing Absolution’s style of the mode where you actually got paid like a Hitman and were free to purchase and upgrade what you wanted from a larger selection.

Escalations - If Contracts were more attractive to players they certainly wouldn’t need this mode and players wouldn’t get so burned out on the limited amount of maps. Now that this game is operating under an episodic platform, supplying too much of the same is only wasting development time and resources that could be used in the Elusive and Contracts modes.

The more time they have the better the continued experience will be and the community can be assured that the devs will deliver the best Hitman game they know they can make.


Hey guys RPS had an interview with lead level designer Torbjørn Christensen and lead game designer Jesper Hylling discussing about the development of levels recently: