Season 2 confirmation thread


But still, they stress over details that most never even perceive, such as the thickness of a medieval wall in Sapienza. Agent 47’s animation for throwing someone out of a window just couldn’t accommodate how thick a proper medieval wall is, and, reluctantly, they had to slim them down to make them work.

Totally immersion breaking /s

Good article!


I was getting very bored with my life so I made this


Imagine if they used something similar to that and the briefcase still wasn’t in the game.


I would laugh my ass off if there will be a glass-briefcase in S2 so it DOES what we want it to do but still every NPC would know what is going on.


Hey guys, Hitman’s art director Jonathan Rowe joined Playground games in Forza development some days ago


Nice I loved forza horizon 3. There next game is going to be a new ip and probably not a racing game. Microsoft tried to buy them but they refused so they don’t have to make a new forza.


So, they’re not planning on making season 2 anytime soon? Or did he quit IO altogether?


he quit IO altogether.
dw season 2 is still happening


Of course, there’s always the worst case scenario of one of the higher-ups having a change of mind. There are plenty of examples of video games that were canceled mid-production.

I don’t think that’s the case, but a few info tidbits from IOI about Season 2 would really be appreciated. :wink:


we probably get something at e3 in 1,5 month.


I think I’m just gonna lean back for a while and wait for Hitman 7 :slight_smile:


Man I’m so hyped about Season 2 :slight_smile: I’ve just realised that about 4 ETs are left( because of the news IO gave in ET 22 announcement, that only 5 ETs are left) and if IO does an E3 reveal of S2 they’ll have to release every ET in may, and that’s very unlikely to happen :frowning: Maybe 3 ETs will be released in May and one in the first week of June


there are 3 ETs left, 2 in may, 1 in june. :wink:


Well that’s great :slight_smile:


I believe that’s called Colorado.


Where did you get this info from? Is it confirmed or just a guess?


Guess, they said that we had to complete everything starting from ET 14 to have all suits so…


Actually they said if you “missed” or “failed” too many after 14, then you wouldn’t be able to get all suits. And considering we need 13 successful ET’s to get the sig suit with gloves, 14+13= 27.

So by considering what they said about missing/failing too many after 14, I would think they would equal about 5 as missing/failing too many, which would suggest 27+5=32 ET’s approx.

I’d round it off at about 30. And that depends on what THEY consider as “too many” from missing/failing.


Actually what they said was this:

“If you started playing Elusive Targets after ET 14, or if you have missed/failed too many, you won’t be able to unlock all of the rewards. Make sure to aim for the Silent Assassin rating with this Elusive Target if you want to make sure you unlock the prestigious Winter Suit.” Source

“If you started playing Elusive Targets after ET 14… you won’t be able to unlock all of the rewards.”

This could mean one of two things…

A) You had to complete ET 14 to unlock the Signature Suit with Gloves = there’s only 12 more ETs.

B) There isn’t going to be another ET in one or more of the locations, so it’s no longer possible to get those location specific suits.

However, we know option B) is incorrect because there have since been ETs in all six locations. Therefore option A) is the only possibility. Unless that statement in the blog post is a mistake, or the developers have since changed their minds, then there can only be a maximum of 26 ETs.

“Make sure to aim for the Silent Assassin rating with this Elusive Target if you want to make sure you unlock the prestigious Winter Suit”

This statement refers to ET 22, and suggests that if you don’t achieve SA, there won’t be enough after that to get the Winter Suit. In other words, there’s only four more after ET 22 - a total of 26. On the basis of this second statement, it is very unlikely that the first statement is a mistake.

Therefore, unless something changes, there will only be 26 Elusive Targets.


That’s exactly my theory :wink: