Season 2 confirmation thread


I am still hoping for a Day of the Dead style parade in Mexico, preventing SC’s alles abducting the Providence agent mentioned in Colorado.

Prison would be awesome!




If that’s the list of places-it looks like its gonna be pretty varied.

Lookin forward to Mexico City, Seoul, and Nashville.


Looking forward to Rotterdam. It’s in my own country and I’ve been there multiple times. If they actually go there, I’m really curious what kind of level we will get.


It will be the coolsingel. Thousands and thousands of Feyenoord fans are gathered there to watch their team become champions. Then in the last minute they fuck it up and Ajax becomes champion, and the whole city riots.

True story



Legit laugh :joy:


Some members of Shadow Client’s militia are in Mexico as we know from Freedom Fighters, so Mexico City is probable (maybe we’ll kill Delgados). We also know that Alma Reynard is in Berlin, so a mission could be there to kill her. Seoul is mentioned in the cutscenes so is also probable. Olivia Hall is assigned in Reykjavik but after Freedom Fighters she’s hidden in London, so a mission could be in Iceland or in England (I hope the first)


Honestly,I doubt that has anything to do with locations we might see.
Would be cool though


And all of this locations will look like something that comes out of a Disney studio


Hull. Can’t believe Hull is on there. It’s so random yet so specific. It’s a seaside place (a few crappy rock beaches), some ferry ports, some other trade and fishing ports. Not much of them left nowadays after the common fisheries came into force.

I used to go to school with a guy from Hull, he was called Will. Everyone in the school would refer to him as “Will From Hull”. Hull is notorious for being a rough place, like a chav factory farm. Apparently kids come out of the womb wearing Reebok, Donnay and Umbro over there.

What on earth is 47 going to be doing there?


To anyone not from the UK, Hull is a bit of a joke as its notoriously a bit of a shit area similar to Slough (in that everyone makes fun of it.) It seems very unlikely that we would have a mission set there.


Oh God not Slough. This isn’t traffic cops.



There are also a lot of US cities called Hull. I just visited Wikipedia to know where is Hull :slight_smile: . And there are also more cities called Agra and Nashville


Still not convinced that the magazine is a hinting at future Hitman locations. People assumed the same thing about flap display with the travel destination in the teaser image and the only location on it that we visited was Paris.


Yeah, I doubt we are going to really vist those places. Or at least not all of them.


Maybe till the end of season 3 we’re going to have almost all the major countries.
I’m hoping for some Russian soil this time around. In an urban area.


Olivia Hall is said to be in Reykjavik.
What a lovely coincidence.


So am I the only one who thinks the briefing from the last ET might be hinting at season 2? Otherwise it’s a pretty random mention of that guy Tommy “The Hammer” Stoakes. There is concept art and everything.

Either that or it’s just leftover artwork from Absolution, it has the same style. Or a future Elusive Target. My bet is still that it hints to Season 2 though.


Can you show me those concept arts

Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons