Season 2 confirmation thread


I’m so pissed right now, part of me expected this, yet i didn’t imagine i would feel this way now that it happened…

Does IOI still have the rights for Hitman or where they just left in the cold without anything?

Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons

I feel exactly the same man. Luckily the game has such a, good community. Together we get throught this bullshit. Maybe next year, we will all be playing season 2 :pray:


The extraordinary loss is not from Hitman Season 1, is the loss they are taking from parting away from IOI now ( so the loss is likely what SE had already invested into S2)


They are going to post that loss because of letting go of IOI.

I think it’s because IOI’s earnings cannot be posted anymore with Square’s (March usually being the end of Financial Year) and loss of this and that and so on due to the pull out. And yeah… any monies already invested in a Season 2 or other IOI project.

Basically they are saying: “Because we are removing IOI from our group we will also be losing 40 million USD…”


Part of me was worried that something like this could happen. In hindsight it would explain a lot of things: The long silence, ending the ETs before disc buyers got the chance to get all the suits, them starting to release all of the monthly content in the first week…

I don’t want to be a doomsayer but it’s very likely that the new Hitman didn’t sell enough copies to justify a Season 2. And even if there’s a new Hitman it’s probably going to be more like Absolution because that’s what makes more money.


I believe the memorandum said they were appealing for added investors to recuperate their losses so they may not have to sell it to make up that 40 million. However, this has shown the shareholders that Hitman 2016 isn’t commercially viable based on ROI. So Square Enix Holdings will probably sell of either all of its shares in the company (it’s currently a wholly-owned subsidiary) or part of the shares to another developer - at the behest of its shareholders.

Or they’ll just disband the company and send its employees and resources to their other studios around the world.

Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons
Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons

A new Absolution wouldn’t make more money though, it would be in fact the opposite. Absolution was huge money sink that fell really short of SE expectations , so much that they scaled down the budget for 2016 pretty harshly, and they still are not happy with the sales. A new Absolution isn’t happening as it would cost more, and would also sell worse because of the terrible word of mouth Absolution had.


I know this is only a video game, but within that scope this is potentially some of the worst news I’ve heard in quite some time.

Even though we absolutely love Hitman 2016 we’ve all had our fair share of criticisms, and quite possibly some of the harshest complaints have come from the most devoted fans. I wonder if we’re partly to blame? For example, if people have used those surveys to vent frustrations, have SE used them as key evidence in their decision making and the reason to destroy the franchise? In other words, is it possible that those who are most passionate about the game have been instrumental in its end?


FFS, just read it on a Dutch tech site. Very scary indeed…
There are of course a couple of scenario’s but i can’t think of a very positive one, sorry.

Here’s a post in English:

And a Dutch one:

Man, I hope soooo much this gets a good ‘ending’


Sorry to double post, but IOI have just responded to that tweet which offers some encouragement.


Not at all. This is nothing but SE doing misguided decisions. Hitman 2016 was critically acclaimed, had lots of good word of mouth and won several GOTY awards.

Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons

So Hitman: Absolution 2 (Absolution harder) would the best case scenario and the worst case scenario would be no Hitman at all. These are dark times, indeed.

Time to buy a lamp. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No matter the quality, if IO released a game called Hitman: Absolve harder, I’d buy it just for the name.


I would rather have no Hitman at all than to have another Absolution Hitman.

But that’s just me, i dont expect anyone to agree with me.


Well in the end 1 Season of Hitman is better than no Hitman. The episodically release was probably the only chance Hitman had. So I’m glad that we got at least six large, very different maps. Assuming this is the worst case scenario, of course.


This is sad news. Interestingly, Square Enix have posted year on year profits in their recent financial results. I hope they will find a buyer but it remains to be seen.

Good luck to everyone at IO Interactive!

Level Ideas for Hitman 2016 and future seasons

So is that basically it? No chance at continuing Hitman now? That is so disappointing. I will never support Square Enix again. Fucking Konami all over again killing the Silent Hill franchise. Every fucking series I love dies a slow miserable death. WHY…


The dream is dead. It was good while it lasted.


Damn, I remember writing on the internet before the Season One launch that banking on a game getting Seasons in this new approach is betting the whole house.

Looks like it was.



Will the suitcase be available in the 2 season?