Season 2 confirmation thread


Yep, makes me feel a way about the episode release model and the ET’s

They should go ahead and release all the ET’s now


Yes. A suitcase full of money for selling IO Interactive.


That’s ice cold… fits perfectly well with your profile pic, Fran.


If IOI needs us, we are here! We will make petition and donate money.


Nah… I’m pretty sure we all had nothing to do with it.
It’s just all about money.


I just read the first 30 odd posts in the Season 1 Review topic, and believe @Euler13 has a point.


You guys name all these big players like Ubishaft, EA or Take Two.

What about guys like Devolver Digital? They publish these small or semi-big games that are usually pretty good without any stupid business drama bullshit aka “augment your pre-order” or $50 season passes. I mean they did Enter the Gungeon, Serious Sam franchise, Hotline Miami, Shadow Warrior, to name a few.


I’m actually hoping the new investor is a solitary investor and that it would result in IOI buying back HITMAN and self-publishing the game’s Season 2 and onwards.


Good luck, IO. We need you, Hitman and season 2!


They had a solitary investor, Square Enix Holdings. They held 100% of the common shares.

The fact of the matter is that the video game industry is commercially volatile and so when costs begin to exceed revenue, they do so in an expensive way.
So the shareholders have two ways of recuperating their losses.
The first is to change the games to ensure they make more money (i.e. Americanise and ruin the essence of the game, turning it into a generic cookie-cutter copy of every other shooter). We might care about storyline and staying true to the Hitman series, but the majority of the gaming audience are easily mesmorised by flashing colours, online multiplayer, and boobs.
Intricate plotlines are difficult for people to follow if they’re used to gratuitous violence, sexualisation, and instant gratification. This is why so many films and games have become less artistic and feature such cliché stories - it’s easy to process.

The other option for the shareholders, instead of rescuing a failing game, is to sell the studio and brand to someone else. The idea is to revert the accumulated losses back to zero, and the parent company can return to business as though nothing had happened, keeping only the lessons learnt through their failures.
In this scenario, Square Enix is 47 at the end of Hitman 2, leaving the church, leaving behind the crucifix, and moving on with his life.
We’re the crucifix.


This is a very downbeat assessment of gaming and entertainment.

I understand what you’re saying. But I do not agree it is the only way out.


I’m a downbeat investor tired of the predictability of the masses.

I agree that it’s not the only way out. Square Enix could sell part of the shares to someone else and have them run it while the company takes a reduced amount of the earnings.
Hell, IO Interactive’s people might even put some money together and buy the shares themselves - to have a little control over their destiny instead of getting caught up with corporate politics. Until now, Square Enix Holdings has owned 100% of the shares, without inviting anyone to dilute their control.
Who knows, this sale might have been the chance IO have been waiting for. The fact that their correspondences have ended with “And now, back to making video games” could imply they’ve no intention of stopping.


There is good news for Hitman fans. Agent 47’s current adventure has a future! After publisher Square Enix recently separated from Hitman developer IO Interactive, the concern of the killer community was correspondingly large: Does the spin off the premature Aus for Hitman 6? After all, the rights of a brand remain traditionally with the publisher and not with the developer. In addition, we have been waiting for the announcement of a second one since the successful start of the first Hitman season.
From reliable circles, we’ve learned that the rights to Hitman actually stay with IO Interactive (and not at Square). And this is not enough: Season 2 comes definitely, is even halfway to the completion and probably with 2018 break. IO Interactive is looking for a new investor, regardless of the future of Agent 47.
We can not reveal any further details on the origin of this information, but we would like to state that the information is absolutely reliable and secure. And we expect that IO will officially comment on it next week.


Oh, I so hope that is true. My heart is lifted somewhat.


That’s like telling your wife “I’m having dinner with my secretary this evening but I’d like to state that this is absolutely not suspicious or cause for you to ask follow-up questions”.

It would be nice if IOI retained the rights but the way this has been written makes me suspicious of its authenticity - especially as it’s not able to give any facts with any degree of certainty. Everything’s ‘we expect’ or ‘probably’.
It would be nice to see how IOI would be pitching this to investors. Will this be through the Tokyo Stock Exchange?


Why should it be? Oh, did you just assume your secretary’s gender? :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On topic it seems like common sense. No one would buy IOI without wanting to buy HITMAN. And if Season 2 is halfway there, then IOI can promote itself to a new purchaser with what they have. Maybe show an alpha to the interested companies, etc. Pretty sure that if IOI did not hold the rights to the franchise it was going to be completelly disbanded.


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You do have a point, that without ownership of the Hitman brand, IO Interactive would probably have been disbanded already. Unless Square Enix is selling them together, to distance itself from the series.

I think the main problem IO would have pitching themselves to new buyers is the question of profitability. If Square Enix lost $40 million’s worth of investment into a game that apparently underperformed, then it’s not going to be an attractive purchase.


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Good hunting 47”


Season 2 already half-finished and coming 2018? This sounds almost too good to be true. I hope this reliable source they haven’t revealed yet, really is that reliable. I don’t want my hopes crushed again on this emotional roll coaster.


Very hopeful to hear. Before we get too excited though, how reliable is this news source? I’m not very familiar with it myself.