Season 2 confirmation thread


If the source is real, and Hitman will live on, I hope that IO drops the episodic structure. It’s why the series is in such hot water right now, a follow up would be much better received by the public if it all comes out at once like Hitman games always have.


IO should ask to Sony for publisher. Just saying


Please no. They’ll make Hitman a Playstation exclusive. Hitman needs to be on PC.


You right but for me Sony is the best one right now.
And they can still make a deal for a temporal esclusive.


There are much better publishers than Sony out there.


Like? Please don’t say ubisoft…


Even Microsoft would be better than Sony. They’ve got a bad rep but they’ve been killing it lately in terms of listening to user feedback. Also I believe that any future xbox exclusive is available on PC.


It is one of our biggest and oldest gaming magazines here in Germany.


This is great news! But Just one thing I hope they do is fix the “delicious spices of any Hitman game” aka Music…please!
I was so disappointed from the very first terrible menu “Nokia 3310” tone to the music used in levels. How ironic it is that I am able to remember pieces from Hitman 1 - 4 and none of the forgettable Hitman 6 ever stuck in my head. This Hitman iteration deserves a talented composer in case they could not bring our Jesper back.


Still, I think the score for H6 is way better than Absolution’s. Absolution gets more shit than it deservers, but if there is one thing that is totally forgetable about that game, is the score.


I just hope that IO have the rights, and they still can make the game.


funny enough, SE in the same conference wants to make more games as a service. you know, like hitman 2016 was…


True, everything hinges on this. Fingers crossed!


In a perfect world, IOI would have the rights to the Hitman brand. They would be bought out by a large wealthy publisher who lets the developers have full creative authority over the game, with the exception of the publisher poking them occasionally to get IO to fix the things that fans have complained about.

Then they’ll make a Hitman film starring David Bateson and Vivienne McKee.


Then both the game and the movie sales bombed…
Then that large wealthy publisher dropped IOI…

Full circle…


drop episodic format would be a huge mistake imo. makes a lot of sense.


The soundtracks were my only big complaint with the game actually. I realize though that Jesper Kyd set the bar extremely high. Hopefully they’ll return in the future, if IOI survives this backstabbing from SE at least.


Why? Cause sales-wise it didn’t make much sense i guess. I mean we still have no numbers but I think the sales for HITMAN were a bit disappointing.

Now here’s the thing… I didn’t like the episodic release model at the beginning. Really didn’t. But after Sapienza i learned to appreciate it. You just get more out of every single mission. You spend much more time with every mission. Without the episodic format I probably would have stopped playing the game in mid 2016. But I am (like most of us here) a big Hitman fan. I guess the majority in here bought the “full experience” at the beginning. But the gamer who just played 1 or 2 Hitman titles before or is even new to the franchise was definitely not very interested in paying 60 bucks, without knowing if he/she will like the rest. Sure, that’s what the “intro pack” was for. But that’s the same issue, just smaller imo. 15$ for a demo basically is still too much.

The idea of the original release model wasn’t that bad and would have been better imo. Maybe with a little difference. Offering the first 3 episodes (plus training) on a disc for 30$ for example and then continue with the episodic download model. Or keeping it “old school” and release the game finished on a disc with all 6 episodes. Again… without a doubt, the episodic release has its pros, especially when you’re a long-time Hitman fan. But you have to like the game (or at least the franchise) and learn to appreciate the episodic model first. And that’s what many gamers were just not able to do imo. So sales-wise i still think a finished 60$ disc version would have been better for IO and Square.

About season 2: It’s good to hear from Travis that the team is still working. Hard times for everyone involved in this sh*t right now! All the best to the IOI team! I’m optimistic that you guys will find a new publisher soon! Season 2 will happen, no doubt about that!


I beleive there are two strong possibilities regarding the decision to go for the episodic model: 1) either there was not enough budget to finish the game and episodic release enabled IOI to get more funding, or 2) SE was not confident that the game would sell at all, and decided to release the game episodically to try to maximise profits.


I want IOI to become independent.

The best result is their new investor buys out HITMAN and the hardware that’s currently supporting Season 1 and the right to Season 1 and we get on with Season 2 and every purchase from that point on goes directly to IOI.

SE get off with a “clean record” and high-fives from the fan community and nobody burns any bridges. IOI will finally have a platform for its most important IP that doesn’t have to “start from zero” each time they make a new iteration.

That is the best result.