Season two wishlist / predictions


Oh yeah, @Pissfloyd handled it great, to be honest I was nervous when I first created the thread. There were other topics of similar nature but they were old and I wasn’t sure where to put it. He was super cool about it and helped point me in the right direction and did so with full respect. I salute you sir. Glad there are good people here.


I really wanted this too.

This would add good risk/reward. Being able to pick them up would speed up the process, but would expose you to get spotted a whole lot easier. So adding a pickup along with keeping the current drag would be cool.

But console we have to hold the button to drag/pickup items.

Don’t really care for this as I’m an SA player. So having to use this would have me lose SA.

If you would say it wouldn’t lose SA on a 1in1 encounter unless they see your face, well then I’d say KO them then drag. I wouldn’t want to change SA for this.


I don’t mind if we use clues or listen to conversations with eavesdropping to find out who the target is but there should not be interrogating in hitman as 47 stays invisible. This isn’t metal gear nor want it to be like that.


Sure, can work like the head officer in marrakesh.

Yes, this would change the way you approach every kill and could affect exits and such.

Exposing his face, no. But maybe if 47 could put himself in a casket or box that moves, it would be ok. Also, if he put himself into a body bag and then the bag gets moved by guards. But again, nothing that exposes his face.

Console master race.

Sure. I’d like to run and shoot, especially for distraction purposes.

I disagree with this as the game is partly puzzle so needing to choose wisely about your loadout should affect your gameplay. Either choose a silenced gun or not.

I think it’s fine as is. But that’s just me.

I’m in console so it doesn’t affect me. But sure for PC players.

How every game does not have this? I can’t stop taking photos in assassin’s creed origins.


When you drag a body you make a bloodline on the floor, we are in the 4th gen, HBM had it. Guards should react to the blood like HBM and investigate.


When NPC talks to you and talk about something important can be in english with accents, when the npc’s shoot you or call for help, or scared in the original language please.
If you try to kill me i call for help in my language not in english.

I’m tired to pacify ppl on the stairs, i think we also need the possibility to push a npc from the stairs like HBM.

Other great feature from old Hitman games.

Like on HBM when you burn a npc with gasoline, the npc should finish like the wife of Vinnie Sinistra in “A New Life”.

We have a lot of cool gadgets & weapons, cool sniper rifles, silenced pistols, and different blades and specially the entry of “Striker” improved the situation. We need a shotgun with an increased damage at all ranges, who also knocks back targets, like a SP12 would be perfect. And a beautifull M60 with 100bullets cartrige, without forget a big magnum revolver with the same features of striker. THE DOUBLE SILVERBALLER.

Red tie, and shirt with thin black lines from C47, Contracts & SA.
(the signature suit have white shirt and the tie is bordeaux red)

The only cool feature of Absolution.


Better dragging
Dragging bodies can be a pain when it’s done on a snails pace. Having the ability to “tap” the drag button to grab them by the wrist or ankle, is fine, be nice if it could be a bit faster. Maybe also having the ability to “hold” the drag button for him to throw them over his shoulder would make things easier and faster.

They haven’t improved it for 17 years so don’t get your hopes up.


Well About locations…

Delgado situation, South ametica.
Russia - Moscow
Spain an entire island like tenerife
Johannesburg - infiltration mission ether labs
Hotel resort in Munich germany rain and night.
Hong Kong, restaurant spa brothel ecc.


Location types I would like to see:
An Airport
A Cinema
A big funpark
A Manufacturing plant
A department store

Things I would like to see improved:
-No longer becoming automatically compromised/Combated when you shoot someone (out of sight) within 20 meters of a target. Or 10 meters near a guard. Why do i get automatically compromised when i never saw me and have no idea who i look like?
-Slow animations. It should take 1 second, not 5 seconds to turn off a radio or turn on an electric switch.Climbing pipes is also terribly slow.
-Ability to cancel a lockpick instead of being locked into the animation and getting busted.
-Improve the speed of knife throwing, it should take half the time it does at the moment. Guards can very easily get a shot in during the slow throw animation.
-status page in the menu, to show if we have been detected by camera, or spotted, or lost silent assassin, etc…


We all know 47 was the focus of previous games, with twenty minutes of dialogue across the first four entries combined. So really IO should focus completely on pushing this deliberately stoic and not that interesting a protagonist to the forefront instead of focusing their efforts on level design or other things that are clearly less important.


For some reason I want this in HITMAN


this SHOULD be an assassination method :laughing:


Actually, booby-trapping a Piano during a world-class musician’s performance would be kinda cool… XD


yep oh watch this lol


I had been thinking about syringes. Seems like I seen in another topic it showed 47 stabbing a ghost/paper (or whatever the preferred nomenclature is) NPC in the neck while facing them. This can’t be done to regular NPCs. But I say it should be… And have it available to do on sitting NPCs like in an older Hitman title (I’m not aware if that’s doable in the current one). Or even if they’re knocked out (more on this below)… Also, make it so that they can be used to poison drinks. This would give them a dual use. The only drawback is that it can’t be done without suspicion like you could with the vials and the proper disguise (like a waiter, etc).

Poisoning knocked out NPCs… I don’t see much point in using an emetic syringe on NPCs in this state, so obviously it’d have to be an option with any of the Lethal Syringes.


I predict that even if the game is still released episodically, that the purchasing options will be restricted to buying the whole season at once. There are so many support requests from those who have trouble buying episodes and upgrading to the GOTY edition that I’m sure they’d love to avoid it all.


To assassinate the “Drachenlord”. :joy: