Season two wishlist / predictions


The scripting engine can tie in to whatever it wants. All they need is another field to load in something new, with a default/fallback. From a technical point of view it’s more than possible.


I guess they can add the middleware but not enough to warrant a full price game :confused: Not within the time frame to next year at least. That’s if they are releasing by next year that is.


They can also fix parts of the engine and extend the flexibility they have. As it stands there’s no reason they can’t hotload different behavioural systems into it. There’s also no reason they can’t hotload a bunch of other stuff – individual target behaviours, scaling value for people, etc…

Cost of development is cost of development; if the next one costs a bit more to ensure season 3 comes out a lot of people would be happier. I think more people would be happier if it cost more and the quality went up.


It all depends on development budget given by SE and time constraints that they have. Yes it’s entirely possible but without but of the above, there won’t be many improvements.

I’m hoping for the latter of course, better quality and quantity


If they want to get away from being slapped around by consumer rights groups and/or advocates, they’ll need to do some engine work. Given they’ve also done some during the season (albeit not massive amounts), it’s not unreasonable to assume they’ll be working on the engine too.

The briefcase would be the bottom of my priorities, along with carrying things like plates or boxes. Nice as they’d be, they create potential balance issues and limit the sandbox.


this is simply not the case. where are you getting this from?


i would really like to see some different weather. especially a mission in a rainy night, just like Contracts.


With what part. The Scripting of S2 or the core component bit?

There’s a mention of finishing scripts for S2 on one of their videos on YT. Secondly, it a common sense to understand they’ve at least entered planning phases/production of S2 by the way the story has run out.

As for the core components. Knowledge. Rebuilding an engine to run to your ideal specifications can come up with drastic issues. Depending on how well the engine tools programmer can script in the middleware. There the part where you do a trail and error stage, testing out different middlewares to cater for “your vision” of the game. Even these days, studios make and engine purely for a game, which is very costly if they hopes for a return too. As I said, I can be done, we could get a overhaul with Glacier per episode, but due to the loss of employees there as well, doubt they can ever dedicate sole time to that without a 3rd party. From GDC, we see IO out sourcing to 3rd party companies so there is certainly plausible. Or maybe the 3rd party is doing the assets and IO is compiling and engine overhauling.


pretty much all of this is wrong. modern software is built in a way that its a collection of features. adding features sometimes require some refactoring but thats the result of bad planning/design. i dont think you understand what a middleware is based on what you’re saying here. We do refactors during technical spikes all the time but that comes once every few sprints. but once IO hits those. expect to see major changes to the engine baseline


Are you talking about upgrading or overhauling? Because you do the same thing, but one require tons more time. Wouldn’t refactoring be in the case of just poor programming in the first plae and no catering for future possibilities? If we look at their audio component Wwise I believe, going and upgrading it to a latest “version” or to add plug ins is fairly straight forward compared to re-hauling the whole component side to another one - FMOD? (Who uses that) Ofcourse good programmers are needed either way. Just to see enough improvements within this time frame that’ll warrant a fair price seem extremely rash.


Aggghhh, technical jargon! My only weakness!!! Meeeelltiiinng…


no no no. refactoring sometimes is needed if additional requirements doesnt fit perfectly with the baseline. it happens often and is often considered a good thing. many times we refactor just to get rid of technical debt and increase efficiency. ofcourse often times refactoring is the result of poorly written code, but thats not always the case.

rest assured. season 2 has the potential to completely revamp the glacier engine. its more of a question of to what degree would they do that within their planned scope


Oh I never knew there was an intentional refactoring other than fixing buggy areas and making it faster. Good to know :slight_smile:

Yeah of course the potential is there, but it’s about time constraints and if they bother at all :confused:

@mikeawmids Just discussing if we get a better quality game for S2. Ya know, Graphics, AI, Audio etc :slight_smile:


Yeah but think of it this way. with project management we always look at the earned value vs the cost. so in platform games the cost of improving a previous existing engine actually becomes lower. so what that means is if the earned value for things like weapon customization, money system etc justifies the cost then they’ll go for it.

since fan demand is very high it is more of a matter of when rather than if.

the only factor would be if their sponsorship team is completely incompetent and believe ppl will be happy with just vanilla level packs going into season 2


I like esculations, I think it would be silly to get rid of them. Also getting rid of the leaderboard seems absurd, loads of players love competing for the best scores.


Do you think that SE see it that way or are they going to reuse exact base engine of Glacier 2 and earn full profit ? :confused: Especially if S1 hasn’t met their expectations.

This. I’ve seen a lot of people who see through this and can’t notice assets clearly either re textured or just ripped off. That and the fact of they are willing to pay for S2 despite anything. SE might try to pull a fast one.

Soz for pessimism


believe it or not. company reputation is a major risk factor we talk about during planning. so if their stakeholders are half way competent they’ll realize doing so will most definitely hurt their company reputation. so most likely they’ll at least comission some of the upgrades we want as fans


TBH if we look at all existing publishers, their reputations are, to be frank unliked.

Activision = Same game and season pass.
Ubisoft = Broken promises, rollback on graphics.
Take 2 = Falling down the microtransaction route
EA = We all know what EA are like
Konami = FucKonami
Square Enix = Carves up games into pieces and charge full retail price for each piece.

But alas they rely on fans to buy it nonetheless


Blizzard - Has a cult following of blind fanboys that will buy all collector’s editions even if they don’t play that game :smiley: very often don’t play or even hear about any other games than Blizzard ones.
Bethesda - Also has a bunch blind fanboys that call bugs a “funny glitches”. Their face is the goldenmouthed Todd Howard.
Sega - Aliens Colonial Marines reputation
Valve - Wait, they make games?


What they need to fix in a few cases isn’t an overhaul, it’s literally a hotswap.

G2 is forked into Dawn. Dawn is amazing. They could potentially licence/buy/acquire/magic/steal some work Dawn had done on it for DXMD. They don’t need to apply their own staff to much beyond fixing it, or the game could become a joint thing between EIDOS and IO, thus potentially bringing in DXMD fans with the news.

This is basically what G2 seems to be based solely on not poking around the binary beyond dumping strings. There are at least a dozen libraries referenced by name. [quote=“Hitman_Lee, post:49, topic:10681”]
i dont think you understand what a middleware is based on what you’re saying here.

OOooh I do, pick me :wink:

They basically need to merge Dawn back into G2 to fix a bunch of bugs cheaply. We’re talking what are most likely component based upgrades (looking again at only the game data files, and how I can get them to load in the other game).

SE might, but I’d imagine IO would like to stay in business.

The best way forward, IMO, and my absolute desire, would be to see this become an IO+EIDOS game again, even if that means EIDOS fix the engine and IO do the story work. EIDOS still have a firm, amazing, reputation; IO’s has basically fallen off a cliff in the modding/RE world. I couldn’t find any of my old contacts who owned Hitman, or even considered picking it up, despite liking the old ones (and having modded a few of the old ones with me). Part of that is undoubtedly due to a horrible game being released in the series (I speak of course of Blood Money, which a lot of people did not enjoy; not Absolution, which from a modder’s point of view is amazing). Anyway, that’s opinion territory, and best left out.

The bottom line is something drastic has to change in the engine. I don’t have a huge amount of faith in what’s coming, but I’ve stuck it out for the season in the hopes that by the time season 2 lands things are better.