Season two wishlist / predictions


hmmmm im not an expert on Video game development. what does this mean exactly?


G2 is my own shorthard Glacier2, the engine developed for Absolution. It was then split into two working groups: Dawn and Glacier 2 (for Hitman 6). Based on certain file formats it looks like that split happened in late 2012 or early 2013.

Dawn is used by Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and probably one of the nicest implementations I’ve seen, yet is still somehow almost binary compatible with H5 (Hitman: Absolution) and H6 (Hitman (2016)) assets (a bit of fiddling is involved). The changes in Dawn appear to be mostly internal, with some swapped out middleware. The changes between H5 and H6 are both huge and tiny. There’s probably a lot of changes in the binary we can’t see.

Both Dawn and G2 have support for stealth setups and other things; both have detection systems (and if you’ve played both you know how close they are). Dawn’s works; Glacier’s doesn’t. Dawn is also rather amazing in terms of how it runs/plays. Of course this dismisses the crowds which do differ between games and other things, but I still don’t see how/why IO/EIDOS wouldn’t want to work together on it, bringing it back out of the shadows and making it play as well as Deus Ex, while still keeping that Hitman charm. (Granted it’d be a money/development thing.)


I see that’s very interesting. Since the companies both are under square enix it would be very logical to now since deus ex is released. move some deus ex resources to help implement Dawn assets to Hitman. That would be a good investment for the company


SE should actually get EIDOS to make a super-sexy engine based on Glacier 2 (i.e. Dawn), for use in the games by both. DXMD’s engine is amazing. Both are very sandboxy/scriptable, and can both be screwed with in cool ways.

I’m sure there are internal differences, but given how similar the two games are, and how similar Thief is, they could arguably build a really solid foundation for all three in a single engine. It’d be the best investment for SE, particularly if they made EIDOS for handling the engine and just got IO to do what they do best: make Hitman. EIDOS would then have the power to build nicer games, and SE could then modify it a bit for things like Tomb Raider :wink:


I mean to improve. Not fix but to “innovate” and get to the next level with the engine. If they’re going to charge full retail of an IP, I expect actual next engine improvements and not fixes.

Well they are obviously all proprietary of SE and if the two engines are linked/compatible, I hope to not see assets purely used from the in engine.

IO will stay in business as long as SE still pay them to be. As you could imagine, it’s all swings and roundabouts if a publisher hires/fires devs despite the sales. I’m pretty much on the same record as you regarding the content assets and the way the game is laid out in general, purposely hiding content for a “next episode”. Episodic allows SE/IO to cut content to save profit.


I don’t have a problem with episodic content, provided it’s done to allow the game to release, keep the game content funded, and the studio in business.

Hokkaido was not even close to done at release.
Colorado was not even close to done at release.

When I first started getting reliable information (which takes ~2 releases or the not-quite-major-patches to verify), Marrakesh had been out a while. By the time E3 rolled around the game wasn’t ready to be fully out, so the episodic model saved the game. Had it come out, as-is, they’d have rushed it and bombed it.

Future references being leaked comes down to a few things:

  • Packaging done badly and/or in a hurry; OR
  • IO wanting us to know.

I’m in the latter camp; I think IO want us to do it, because having people data mine brings its own hype effect. That, and given the IO presence on these boards, I’d expect to have heard something from one of them (here, on Twitter, etc.), other than Torben liking an idea I had (and calling me naughty on stream).

#GiveUsTheSilentMan #WhoIsTheSilentMan

I already know who the silent man is.

If you’re talking about future seasons being referenced? I don’t think their story content is done. A few targets are clearly for post release of the main game (next year). But if they’re prepared to bundle up a bunch of episodes into a season, reduce the total cost OR justify it with engine upgrades, I don’t have a problem.


From a personal player standpoint, I despise this episodic due to the way I play, I don’t like being told how or when I should be able to play my game which full retail games allow. I am in control of my play speed. Part of why I like seeing upcoming content, because I would have by now if it was a full release.

As for the funding, have a look at the financial data for last quarter of SE. They are profiting, not as much as expected but still afloat. They do tend to spend hell of a lot of money on their projects which may be one of the reasons to “cut” funding and use this episodic method. Maybe they didn’t have that much faith in Hitman after the criticism of Absolution and purposely cut money in future.

If this said game came out in a fully fixed state by the release date of Japan, what would be the issue. It seems that SE wanted money ASAP during production. Silent Man was a back up right?

This. The base foundations of the game has been given to us, the platform as you will. The components of Glacier 2 are significant enough to warrant full retail price. But the issue here is the S1 - S2 differences per price. All down to SE marketing really.


Games have to turn a certain amount of profit in a window of time or they get marked down as unprofitable. To get a game out, on time, you have to either cut corners, or delay content.

Episodic solves the issue by reducing some of the initial/upfront cost requirement, allowing them to flesh out the story/parts later, with a smaller team. So too, I admit, does early access.

But then would you have wanted to pay 2-4x as much as you did for the game we got, sooner? That’s how much accelerating the timeline would be. Ditching the model is basically a no-go as it allows them to keep the overhead down by having a smaller development team.

Yes, there are other ways they could do it, but then you risk writer burn out, creativity issues, and so on.

P.S. #GiveUsTheSilentMan #WhoIsTheSilentMan


That’s the business of the industry, you’re meant to take risks just like SE have done with this episodic fashion. And yes devs need to find the fastest and laziest way to produce. It’s a horrible path to go down while showing this AAA facade.


1: Sniper case
2: gun shop to buy weapons not to unlock!!
3: Dark soundtracks…

For the locations.

1: Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
2: Cochem (Germany)
3: Lindos (Greece)
4: Johannesburg (South Africa)
5: Bern (Switzerland)
6: Ibiza (Spain)


Yup, you are right here. I didn’t think of it that way.

So now its logic that it will be a separate game. That means in each season you have to unlock all the things again, assuming they are new. But it will be very useful if they could add the exception that if you have the previous episode you can carry not all the weapons, but maybe jut the rewarded ones like from the Escalation or Elusive.
That would be cool


Using the same online/server mode would

  1. Extend the life of old games;
  2. Make their lives easier for patching/bug fixes;
  3. Allow them to get money from older IP by letting you use old weapons without having to remake, albeit with different weapon signatures/profiles.


Yup and I’m sure the engine they are using now will remain the same for some time.
So what I imagine is that they are going to sell the same game but only with different maps. They are already building a hype with the story, letting the mission all mysterious, making you wonder what is going to happen next. But will it ever come to an end? Its a good strategy for making money and I will buy everything related nothing to say. But I would prefer if it was a full game and not a season.
I mean, we have a map a month. In that month we play the same map over and over again till you get sick. Are you still going to play it like crazy once the season is full?
Some times I start all the mission from the beginning trying to enjoy the game and the story. But I feel a little empty.
I could play any time any other Hitman game from start to finish for the only reason that I like the story


Those are some very specific locations! What made you pick those in particular?

I do this too. :cry:


Thanks, I myself come and Netherlands so it is for me a nice flashback to contracts with deathly cargo, I found this so super fun experience to hear at the Dutch voice actors.

Amsterdam is our capital city with a super nice architexture and with tight streets and canals this is a whole new experience for hitman.

Cochem is one of Germany’s most popular tourist spots and has a very nice environment with old castles and ruins, I’m here on vacation.

Lindos, a town on the island of Crete, I was first thinking of Hersonisos but the night life there makes the location unique. Lndos has a nice location with a castle and small streets and houses, similar to Marrakech.
I was here 5 years ago also on vacation… In addition, Greece whole new experience for hitman.

Johannesburg, we already had Morocco now it looks cool to me what further South to go but with modern infrastructure, South Africa is very suitable for.

Bern is one of the most beautiful cities in the world in my opinion.
Am here have not been on vacation haha but the architecture, the forest near the water everything to this folder become beautiful.
You can actually all fantasy.

Ibiza, one of the most popular entertainment and holiday resorts.
Ibiza is known to that there are many rich people with money there houses have a beautiful ending of episode 2, with a large villa weather and various locations in the folder.

I love to explore and visit country’s in Hitman.


Well, I want Romania because I’m Romanian. But I want the ugly side of it


We had the slaughterhouse :wink: also contracts that whas cool with that fat balt guy and his chicken.


Yes, but that was a little too “clean”. I want the real ugly side of it.

I want the thugs on the street, I want that criminality in the wrong neighborhood, the almost hunger dead dogs on the streets. The rich gypsy dressed in a suit with the cross necklace showing at the bar and all the trash on the street with the hobo’s.

Or better saying that I want the real criminality


I want guard dogs:( Classic guard type from Cn47 to Blood money
20 characters


I also want more mission in Africa :slight_smile: