So why was this site down?


Got the 505 error a couple of days. Glad it’s back up.


Investigating. I’m not an expert at linux troubleshooting but so far it looks like the server ran out of disk space.

There is a chance that the site may go down again untill I find a way to structurally fix this problem.

In the mean time, discussion here.


It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!


I thought the government shut the site down or something…


Providence shut the site down


Oh, shit. It’s gonna be a conspiracy! :open_mouth:



“Could the server being down, be a sign of extraterrestrial life communicating, and shutting down our resources?”


I think it happened because our administrator is missing…


Or he hacked the server and closed it up?


It was that Ducky troll. I just know it. I knew I was in his crosshairs. The last thing I posted was about me telling @AGENT4T7 I was going to create a new thread and all the sudden BAMM!!! I’m essentially shot dead in my tracks. :grinning:

I can’t believe how much I missed this place the last couple days.


Was a bit worried amp burner had decided to pull the plug glad that’s not the case the official forum sucks.


Don’t do this ever again! I was so bored because I couldn’t look on hitmanforum. Damn. :confused:


Forum down - in other people’s eyes:

In my eyes:

I need to get a life.


Obviously server was hacked.

I also lost (instantly) useless youtube account - i don’t care, this account wasn’t used for long time (probably 5-10 years). Probably hacker found my login (aka email) and password from hitmanforum.


I missed you guys and your arguments. It was hard swimming in a pool alone. I’m happy we’re back to the bald clone fan forum. ALL HAIL 47.


Last time this happened I tried to find a solution on my own, and I ended up deleting my cookies and losing my high score 348K


You got one, you choose how to live it. Much better engaging with others on this site then spending all day and night looking at Facebook scrolling through meaningless posts then getting sidetracked and looking at the 20 celebrities that have filed for divorce over ten times
:smiley: Videogames are awesome. They are Art. So we all really are chatting about worthwhile stuff and did I mention…Aliens?


When I saw the forum go down I was like…

…But then when it came back online again I was all like…


No, @SayaRin . You feel that way because you love this site and we also love you, but it would be nice to talk outside this, maybe on Facebook or even old-school-style using either Outlook or Gmail.