So why was this site down?


Or you know push the boat out and talk to someone face to face :smile: and no I don’t mean Skype :sweat_smile:.


When I have the money to maintain a yatch full of beautiful women and expensive pretentions, that day I’ll go visit @SayaRin and @Fortheseven .


mental breakdown
don’t get sick hitmanforum :sob:


It is either because all of us are either international elite assets. Or, IO has unknowingly added two more explosive unlocks to Thailand and the resulting sigh from the entire forum and community would shutdown the severs worse than launch week.

None of this is true. Or is it?

I’m glad its up :slight_smile: work sucked this week.


^ this


Glad the forum’s back up and running again. Made me realise how many times I check it when I kept crying at the error message popping up.


Forum went down because @Spodey changed profile pic



Oh. My. God. I never realized. Why the hell did he change it?!


Spoderman was freakin’ badass!


He will change it back. He must be going through something. First he abbreviated his name few months back and now the profile change. Lol


Lol. I was wondering why the forum felt dark


Wait, so you can change your username? How do you do that?


I’ve never known…
20 chars


Yes just go to your profile page.


That’s false :slight_smile:


AFAIK you can’t. But admins can for sure.


You have to be a regular, probably.


I thought that was possible. I remember changing long time ago maybe I created new. Can’t recall.


Everytime I was trying to login the forum, getting the 502 Error…

When I saw it finally was up and running again…

:joy: Well I’m glad it’s up and running once more. Hopefully it stays like this…