So why was this site down?


I’ll outlive it this time


Free advice? Chill out. You’re going to burn out your like limit in less than an hour at this rate. :joy:


Yeah, I sent @ampburner a message a week ago, but he hasn’t replied yet.


But I’m not regular huehuehue

Too many flags :wink:


That’s cool. Shows my empathy


I should flag you for the pic change.
But I won’t.


(20 char kangaroo shit)


I have to play it safe, one more flag and no regular for 75+ days huehue


Maybe he is off. Or maybe he did not approve of your reasoning.

At any case, if this forum is based on a justice system, then if one person changes their username then all should be allowed to. Unless the reasoning behind the action is so grand to actually change the law of become a permitted exeption.

I first told him that I would instead create a new account and asked for him to lock it as regular at day one (which he can do too) but he agreed to change my username instead (thankfully). I changed mine for privacy and security. I do not know about spodey’s reasoning with him. But if he and I could under our particular reasonings, have our usernames changed, all who have the same reasons as us can or should be able to change it too.


Now your stealing @GuLe tag lines. WTF? No more derailing thread. Sorry couldn’t help it. Was so bored when forum went down I resorted to painting daughters closet doors.


I missed you!

Now back to posting in Hitmanforum


Glad the website is back \O/
Also thanks for fixing the google bug error, i was unable to login via linux :slight_smile:




Was it the same issue again yesterday? So glad it’s back up btw


Don’t scare me like that, this seems to be becoming a regular thing :sob:.


My life was useless for a day. What were you thinking?!! :head_bandage:


so let me say: unrip hmf.


You will not be mist


Same issue indeed. Sorry people


So…did you find a way to fix this problem or can we expect something like this again?