So why was this site down?


Well…it happened again


more info

Hitmanforum Downtime




Why do you keep doing this? You know we hate it… :cry:


@ampburner on


thanks its back online I started to have suicidal thoughts


Yay its back



I wanted to ask a question yesterday but now the site is back :slight_smile:


A face that will haunt my nightmares for weeks.


A contract I made while the site was down:

sorry ampburner


502 Please…


“Ritorna da me. Come back to me or I will find 47 ways, to make you mine”…


So is this going to just keep happening then @ampburner is there no members on here that can offer a solution??


@Mr.Reaper Sam Saffron, the co-founder of discourse, is currently helping ampburner to find the cause, this is the best person who can figure out exactly what is going on.

I would like to help, I am the owner of a french sysadmin forum and I know pretty well how docker works but I never used discourse, so…

@ampburner: for a temporary solution, try to configure logrotate mecanism inside the discourse docker container (docker exec -ti CONTAINER_NAME bash) or write a small cron task to reduce the size of nginx logs files periodically.

And, try to pull the lastest image of discourse from docker hub.


Thanks @Hardware, I believe that - as implied by sam’s response, discourse has a build in method which prevents the logfiles from becoming too Large. For some reason this has not been working correctly recently, but it should.


Does the /etc/logrotate.d/nginx file exist in your docker container ?


I was so ready to move on with my life.

This site is kinda like an ex that breaks up with you regularly, but they always come back because you’re so good in bed…

Btw, I’ve never had anyone actually want me back in real life. On Facebook, my relationship status should read:

“Currently in a relationship with PS4”


But cheating on your PS4 with your “on again, off again” HMF. :anguished: