So why was this site down?


Good luck fixing up the problem :wink:


yes that file does exist in the container.

root@discourse-app:/etc/logrotate.d# tail -f nginx
  rotate 14
  create 0640 www-data www-data
    sv 1 nginx


Hi all!

I am so sorry this happened again. Especially since it happened during my trip to Spain (I was attending the wedding of a forum member) and I was unable to act.

I am technically unable to find a long-term solution (one that prevents this situation from occuring instead of fixing it after it happens)

Fortunally the Discourse team can help, but I think I’ll need to invest in a license first. I’ll look into that asap.


Yaaaaaaa ! Yay its back :kissing_closed_eyes:


You don’t have that already? Yeah its a real bummer this keeps happening I love this place.


Thanks for the information about the situation :slight_smile:


The server needed to use the bathroom.


If you need any extra contributions please let us know - Would be happy to up my patreon pledge to help with costs.

Thanks for getting it up again!

Obligatory Happy Hitman face: yay its back up


Hello :smiley:.

Don’t worry about it, we are aware that it can and will happen and we know you will get the forum up and running again :wink:.


Bummer it happened during your trip. Glad you’ve been so invested though. We appreciate you very much. :sunglasses::+1:


I didn’t think you could use discourse without a license but I have no knowledge of these things to be honest.

So glad the forum is back up I was checking it like every ten minutes pmsl.


Yep. Helicopters are expensive.


FWIW it’s possible to get logrotate to remove the logs, or failing that rotate them into a folder which has rm *.log executed by cron. If you need them you should be able to sendmail them out (or even use Python or something far more pleasant to do it using local or remote SMTP.


Thanks for your understanding everyone!

btw - I believe the discourse software is open source and free to use.

the licenses are mostly for hosting and support.







Well done @Spodey look what you’ve done now :expressionless:.