So why was this site down?


glad its back! its strange not having this on my daily routine.


@Spodey @Keller @nerdJake @uberpoisedmortal @mungadungalis

In before Jarbinger has a heart attack…


I know this will look like a kick in the nuts, specially posting it here and after this…

But I really love this community, no matter if I am not very loved in it. And I would like to know where could I find you guys if this site goes down again. Do you use teamspeak or something? I have never used discord before, I think you guys use it?


I never got the impression you aren’t well liked here.

And this is literally the only forum I am active on so it’s the only place you’ll see me.


I made an account on the official Hitman forum it was horrible don’t ever close this forum @ampburner or I will hunt you down.

In before someone says how horrible it is and wrong for me saying i’m going to kill him in a GIF i’m joking and will not actually hunt him and kill him obviously.

I will send 47 or Liam Neeson to do it whoever is cheapest.


just play a contract where you kill ampburner :upside_down:


Do you need help with server hosting and/or management? If you can give me a rundown of what sort of traffic this site sees then I might be able to do something for you on the server hosting side.

I can definitely help on the Linux administration side if you want the assistance.


And we won’t mind non intrusive, non malicious ads, if you need to sort out finances.


I think Amp already decided not to go with ads.

There is a Patreon by the way, if anyone wants to donate.


Site goes down bc not enough of us are shelling out some coinage. You can donate $1 a month if that’s all your wallet can part with. I will stick with my original nerdy suggestion that everyone adds 47 cents to whatever dollar amount they can part with.


Yay It’s happening again.


And again… Please stop this shit man :sweat:


This is happening very fequently in last month or so.
Is there any fix for this problem?


It looks like the problem with Nginx logfiles filling up the disk space has been resolved since the last update.

This time we had a problem with backup files eating up disk space. I fixed that by disabling Discourse backups (we have other backup systems in place)


Just wanted to say thanks for your continued efforts keeping this place running :smiley:.


Great that the forum is back again. Still the same problem from last time?


When is this monthly 502 going to graduate to a permanent 404? Enough with the cock-teasing.


and the sails rise again



My face now that Hitman Forum is back. :+1:

Now I can stop doing this.