So why was this site down?


@Quinn He is joking right?


Come on man. Unless Trump invested his life savings on Hitmanforum, taking it down is not going to effect him in the least.


I’m so confused right now, I can’t tell who’s joking and who’s serious :flushed:.



He’s joking.


502 serves as an area code for Louisville.

Nuf to say. It is indeed a bad gateway!


I don’t believe Trump is an idiot, he certainly had a lot of success in life, but a businessman rarely makes for a good president, especially someone as colorful as him. I don’t know much about him but I’m willing to bet his statements and actions will piss off a lot of his country’s allies.


Colourful? He seems mostly orange to me :thinking:



Oh well at least he has good hair.


Hey,let’s turn every thread into pointless discussion whether Trump is good or not.


And I thought I was banned because I’m supporting Trump LOL


So this morning it was down.

Luckily it wasn’t down for too long :slight_smile:




stop with the MF errors. no offense ampburner but fix your servers please. i need my daily hitman discussions


What do people do when this site goes down? Are you on a different forum say the SE one or a different forum entirely? Do you go on reddit? Where do you get your hitman fix?


I just sit in a dark room shaking and wait for HMF to work again.


& I thought i was the only one. I was just on my way to the bridge when the site came back up this morning :wink:


I listen sad music and get drunk


Far Cry Primal Forum

Or just living life/working


Play playstation, watching movies. Reading news on facebook. Memes website.
But this image sumps it way better