Solve The Mystery--Game


Oh god, can i pass? i don’t have a clue about any crime mystery, not right now anyway :flushed:.


Sure, no problem lol I just made one, so I’ll just let the next turn be up for grabs, no worries.

I’m sure sombody will think of one. If not, maybe later you could think of one.


I found one :smiley:!

An old elusive target escaped from agent 47 lives alone in a flat. Because of his age , he is not able to move comfortably and hence most of the things used to be delivered to his house.

On Friday while delivering the mail , postman feels something suspicious in the flat and try to look inside through the key hole and he saw a blood filled body of the old man.

A detective arrived the scene.
On the outside of flat , he found two bottles of warm milk , Tuesday newspaper, some unopened mails , some gifts.

The detective waste no time to find the murderer.

Who was the murderer ?


Paperboy/girl, since newspapers stopped coming.


Correct! :smiley:


Newspaper delivery man was the murderer because of absence of Wednesday and Thursday missing newspaper.
This indicates he already know that there is no one to read it.

Your turn :smiley:.


Good one, didn’t even get a chance to answer, as soon as I was done reading it, I was beat to it :laughing: That was really good though!


I’ll pass every single time.


Come on, we play Hitman! We should all be natural born detectives :joy:


Search for mystery riddles on internett and you will find many, alter the names or copy paste, that’s up to you :smiley:.


Okay I’ll do one more and then that’s it for a while.

A man was killed on Monday February 20th 2017 at 11:30 AM in his home. The police questioned all suspects…
Which two are lying and who is the murderer and accomplice?

The Cook: I was at the market.

The Neighbor: I was at work.

The Wife: I was sleeping.

The Driver: I was at the bank.

The Best Friend: I was fishing.

The Mail Man: I was just delivering the mail.

The Dog: Wulff!


Is this right? :flushed:


No, I’m sorry my mistake I fixed it …


I don’t want to check what day February 20th 2017 is, but I’m guessing mail isn’t delivered that day.


I fixed another mistake I made :upside_down_face:

But yes, the Mail man is one of them, who is the other? There were two men involved.


Can I have autopsy report, to see if victim was able to make noise loud enough before death, that wife wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully?


Sure… Haha

The wife was sleeping at the time of death. This is proven by the sleeping pill bottle next to her bed and the fact the drugs were in her system so she was out cold. The weapon used was a garrote as indicated by the markings on the victims neck. So it’s no wonder the wife didn’t hear anything. The mailman confessed in killing the man, but had an accomplice… He’s not sharing… Who was it?


The accomplice was the best friend; he used his fishing wire to strangle the man; he couldn’t have been fishing because it was February, and there’s ice!


It wasn’t the neighbor, he was indeed ICE fishing lol the neighbor is clean…


Well, that rules out her and dog. Fishing is best done early and there are jobs that can happen in that day and time, so we’re stuck with Cook and Driver. I’m assuming it’s USA, so I have no means of knowing if Banks and Markets are open at that time and day.


It was the US, correct. The man was murdered on “Presidents Day” markets are open (mostly)