Square-Enix drops IO Interactive



God damn it. Enjoy those remaining elusive targets boys. It may be the last Hitman you ever see. Also, I suppose we should now consider how long the servers will stay up.


This is terrible. Good luck, IOI.


Godfuckingdammit Square Enix you complete pieces of utter crap


I’m so fucking upset.


Hitman didn’t “lost” 40 million dollars. The value mentioned is the loss from ceasing relations/ownership of the studio.


Yeah, I just realized I was probably reading that wrong. Whoops.


So they’re probably gonna kill Deus Ex, and now Hitman gets to die. Nice work killing my childhood one franchise at a time, Square-Enix. Pricks.


This is pretty damning news. We can only hope that IOI find a new publisher soon.


I hope that at least IOI patches the game one last time and gives us offline unlockable and access to all ETs since the next seasons are dead.


I’m sure we will see the likes of Deus Ex and Hitman again. To be honest I think they’d be better off without Square Enix.


There’s a lot of chatter about this right now and there will be lots of questions. When we’ve got something more concrete to say, you’ll be amongst the first to know. For now, back to making games.



Hm I’m going to wait a bit longer before I concluded on IO’s future. I don’t think this will be the end of IO, but it will be interesting to see if they end up in another game publisher or end up independent like CD project Red.

In some ways I hope for the later of the two. I’m afraid that we would see a reboot of the franchise if we get a new publisher. I want to see the rest of the narrative unfold from season 1.


That doesn’t sound good.

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Oh my god … I hope EA doesn’t hear about that. :fearful:


I’m sure it’s not dead but yeah unlocking the ETs would be a nice parting gift.


Hitman isn’t dead guys, at least not for now.


Can’t wait to know more. I’ve never been this worried about a video game franchise.


I doubt Square Enix is willing to sell the IP along with the studio, so I’m pretty sure it is dead. At best you might get a shitty reboot in 2022 made by someone that isn’t IOI


Well we will always have all the games to play forever man I was so stoked for season 2 :frowning:


I hope EA doesn’t hear about that.

EA doesn’t have the available capital to buy a carton of cigarettes these days. If FIFA didn’t hit for them every year they would be fucked. My biggest hope is everyone at IOI lands with a job, safe, secure and happy. My second hope is that they don’t end some studio that shits out ports after Vivendi completes acquisition of Ubisoft.


Just when things were starting to go in the right direction for IO as a studio.

I’m just hoping nothing happens to the IP that sucks.

Best wishes IO.