Square-Enix drops IO Interactive


I do not know why people are considering that one studio would buy another studio. I mean, I know some similar shit exists because of globalization (like the government of the USA owns General Motors, who owns Ford, who owns Shelby, who owns Mustang) but isn’t the point that these guys are sold to a publisher?


Because from what i understand SE is selling IO-I to another studio, the best thing would be that IO-I could buy themselves out and go independent and get a distributor who can distribute season 2 of Hitman 2016.


CD Projekt are a publisher and distributor. CD Projekt RED is the development arm of CD Projekt. They have their fingers in quite a few pies, including GOG.


Seems like the “Bethesda Game Studios” vs “Bethesda Softworks” stuff.


What @Quinn said. CD Projekt are a publisher. :slight_smile:


Well… yes. Exactly. Bethesda Game Studios is the in-house development studio, analogous to CD Projekt Red. Bethesda Softworks, analogous to CD Projekt, is the publisher. It buys up lots of other development studios, such as id or Arkane. CD Projekt has similarly bought an external development studio before. (Metropolis Software… though that didn’t go well.)


Yeah, but then again, Zenimax owns Bethesda Softworks too. It’s a mess how many chains of subsidiaries you can get nowdays.


OK. But this is just in response to your claim that you don’t understand why people are considering that one studio would buy another studio. No one’s claiming that a dev studio will buy IOI. They’re claiming that a publisher will buy IOI. That’s what Square Enix is trying to do: sell IOI to another publisher. CD Projekt is a publisher. And they’ve bought a studio before.


“Square Enix said it has started discussions with potential new investors and is currently in negotiations to secure this investment”

After reading this again, investors can be another studio and or a publisher.


Or maybe even just trying to assemble board of shareholders that will be in direct contact with IOI, hence making IOI also their own publisher?


I don’t know why ppl are suggesting CD Projekt. They are not a publisher “technically” to other devs. They do publish but their own games and to very VERY small studios.

They actually made a statement during the development of the Witcher 3 that if it wasn’t for consoles, that they wouldn’t have the budget to make TW3. Now they are working on Cyberpunk 2077 so I’d doubt they’d have the funds to buy a “triple A” game/studio and invest in that project.


CD Project only has ever published their own games. I’m not sure why people are even speculating about them. They are not going to buy IOI or Hitman.


It’s probably wishful thinking, because who else is there? Ubisoft, EA, Activision Blizzard, Sony, WB, very few that command consumer confidence to the same degree.


Take 2 Interactive / 2K might be a good home. They seem relatively hands off towards their subsidiaries / studios, so long as they’re delivering games on time. The majority of their portfolio is high quality mature action titles like Grand Theft Auto and BioShock. Don’t know how their wealth is spread around internally, but having the GTA series to keep the coffers full I think is what allows them to splash out on projects that are a little less of a sure bet, like LA Noire or Spec Ops The Line. IO Interactive could do a lot worse then end up there.


Take-Two would be a good place for HITMAN, a publisher i would not mind see publish Hitman games in the future.

>TFW People forget about THQN

THQ redemption arc.


well, people here seem to not give a shit if hitman is platform exclusive, as long as it is exclusive on THEIR platform


IO Interactive always used to describe themselves as a “platform agnostic” developer, and I really hope whichever publisher they do a deal with (if they even do) respects that and doesn’t try to make it a platform exclusive series. That would be a total waste.


Ok, I’ll throw you a curve ball. I hope hitman becomes exclusive on Xbox one Scorpio as I only have a ps4 pro and would buy a Scorpio just for hitman.

Ok? And I mean that too. :grin:


Please no. xbox hardware and engineering is objectively inferior to ps4 hardware and engineering