Square-Enix drops IO Interactive


Nobody cares. The game should be available for all platforms.


True, but if it’s the only option available, I’d rather see Hitman even as a Nintendo exclusive to never play a Hitman game again.


what is your problem? obviously that would be best case. We’re saying if it became exclusive so if u dont care dont comment on it


Its 12 o clock here at the present moment! Monday has come :slight_smile: The announcement be not one of those ‘have you played this escalation yet’ posts please. Please IO give us some details about the situation


And if it isn’t? Alternative isn’t to kill it off.


if you are that concerned about the hardware, then ascend to #pcmasterrace


I mean nobody is interested in turning this into a platform war about which console is “objectively better” (answer - neither). Hitman should be available on all platforms.

It’s 8pm on Sunday in Denmark. Don’t expect anything for at least 12 - 14 hours, but even then they may not have an answer. It could be a long time of sitting and waiting for news.

Well they’ll be killing it off for a large chunk of the audience by making it an exclusive. Nobody wants that to happen. Besides, if they’ve been making the game successfully enough for all platforms, why would a new publisher want to cut out part of the established audience? It makes no sense.


Yeah I know I was just letting everybody know that this day has come/coming :slight_smile:


Please no. xbox hardware and engineering is objectively inferior to ps4 hardware and engineering

Meh. At least if MS picked it up, it’d be available on PC too.

(Although I despise exclusives with a passion so pls no platform-exclusivity)


Why you mad? Lololol

But simple answer, if Sony or Microsoft were to pick it up OR Sony or Microsoft make a deal with whomever pick it up.

So nobody is saying MAKE it exclusive, but rather than it die for “some”, it’s still better than making it die for all.
Can you see the difference in that?

No need to be so angry. Lololo. Relax a lil there, eh? :grin:


I agree, a publisher doesn’t want that i think, like you are saying it doesn’t make any sense, because there is more money to be earned if it’s released on all platforms, but for Sony and Microsoft it would maybe be more attractive for getting more gamers to their platform if Hitman was released exclusive.


It’ll be available on the Windows Platform though, and not on Steam or any other digital storefront - Which is almost the same as it not being released at all. It would be ridiculous to throw away all the established Steamworks architecture for the sake of an exclusivity deal.

How am I angry?


Off topic, but it would’ve been great if Hitman was also released on PS3 and Xbox 360. IO could’ve just downgraded the graphics and locked the frame rate at 30. There are still a lot of people who play on old gen consoles :smiley:


it does not seem possible. PS4 and xbox1 are already locked at 30


PS4 isn’t. Frame rate is unlocked but very unstable. It always is above 40 fps though, and there is an option to lock the frame rate at 30.


There’s more than just graphics that need to be downgraded if you used old gen. I don’t think a game like hitman can be made on old gen without it behaving significantly different.

@Quinn, because you’re replying to everyone’s post aggressively as if people RATHER have it exclusive on 1 platform over having it on ALL platforms, when in reality, people are suggesting that they RATHER have it on 1 platform, rather than having the franchise die. It’s called “worst case scenario”.

Nobody is suggesting to make it exclusive over having it on all platforms. So I have no idea why you would even reply to someone with saying it should not be exclusive. Again, nobody is ONLY suggesting that. Worse case scenario.


Not what I meant. I meant I don’t want it to go exclusive for anyone’s sake. I of course don’t want it to die either. That’s why I said hope not. Let’s say it went to PS4 or PC only. I wouldn’t be able to play is what I am saying. If went to Xbox only well good for me but that’s only because I have an xbox it still wouldn’t be good for all other Hitman fans.

I was just giving my example of what I went through.


If the future of games is always-online draconian DRM & abysmal performance then I don’t any part of it. It’s easily one, if not the biggest objective downfall of this release.


It barely runs ok on ps4. No way PS3/360 could run this game.


Because it’s a forum and that’s my view on the subject.