Square-Enix drops IO Interactive


Take the example of GTA 5. It was released on PS3/Xbox 360 and the graphics weren’t that great and the fps was locked on 30(even dropping sometimes) and then PS4/Xbox One versions came with more vibrant and improved graphics with some additional details(such as more grass on ground I’m not kidding) and the fps remained completely locked on 30. Hitman could downgrade some stuff and lock the frame rate at 30. Hitman’s main message is that it is a puzzle game :slight_smile:


GTA 5 was developed for PS3/Xbox360, made prettier for PS4/Xbox One.
Hitman was developed with current gen specs in mind. It’s easier to remaster than to downgrade.
Also: it’s not all about graphics. Hitman isn’t even one of the prettier games out there, so graphics aren’t the most taxing part of this game probably. It’s rather about the engine, AI, NPCs, etc. Hard to downgrade those without significantly tweaking the game.


And nobody is disagreeing with you. That’s where saying it 5+ times doesn’t do any justice “on a forum”. We heard you. Many agree with you, including myself. But again, you’re only talking about BEST case scenario. I and many others are covering WORST case scenario as well.

But anyways, whatev. :man_shrugging:


GTA 5 was made on an old gen infrastructure, whereas hitman is made on a current gen infrastructure. There would be a lot more than just graphics to be lowered.


Just heard about this, pretty sad stuff. Square Enix really is a joke of a publisher. All I hope is that this winds up working in IOI’s favour and they get to keep Hitman and get a better publisher.

Who knows actually, we may not get a Season 2 but instead get another full release game. I was under the impression that it was SE’s idea to do the season format, so perhaps Season Two may instead just be one big release? Pure speculation.


Please don’t exaggerate. I’m not being unreasonable.


I agree, it’s nothing wrong with discussing all possible scenariors.


No, it couldn’t. It would be impossible to downgrade Hitman enough to run on PS3/360 without basically changing gameplay significantly. The PS3 and 360 just don’t have the CPU needed to handle all the thing Hitman does. No matter how much you downgrade the graphics, it would never run.


I would be completely fine if they downgraded to old-gen platforms as long as they kept the sanboxed format. Old-gen graphics are still good enough for today’s standards, and it might even require a lower budget, which in turn could help keep the IP active and alive.


But old-gen is slowly dying?
Only a handfull of games are being released on the old-gen. I own both a 360 and One, and since you can play most Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One then the 360 has become useless (at least for me and my friends)

Releasing Hitman on old-gen wouldn’t really do much good in my opinion. It would only lead to more work for IOI, as they practically would have to make two different games for two different generations of consoles.
And making Hitman for old-gen only is like shooting yourself in the foot, considering the downgrade of possibilities in game of the existing title, to what it would be on old-gen.


That whole concept of console “generations” is dying. This Scorpio thing is basically Xbox One 1.5, and the PS Pro already beat them to it. Consoles will become much more like the PC market, with recommended and minimum specs, primarily digital distribution, and ongoing rather than iterative hardware development.


Yea but GTA V was developed for X360/PS3, and ported over to the next gen. Rockstar squeezed every last piece of juice out of those machines.

Graphics aside the last-gen consoles simply don’t have enough memory to run the maps in HITMAN. IOI would have to make compromises in all versions of the game to make it possible. It’s best to let the old generation die out.


if you switch over to glorious #pcmasterrace, you won’t have to beg the devs for a remaster or a downgrade of your favorite games :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very good. Your reward is that there will be no more HITMAN games for the rest of your life. And HITMAN’s developers now hang on to dear life by a thread. Good on you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding aside, I think the end-result of this “revolution” is that Season 1 of HITMAN contains more content than all the previous games put together!

Which clearly would not be possible if they had to ship everything one time.

Open your minds, people. Sheesh. :wink:


More like Paris and Sapienza. Because I don’t see the ET’s on Bangkok and Hokkaido. Nor the escalations at Colorado or the bonus missions. Just saying. I did not like that either.


Well how about:

“There’s no mission variation or unique target feature at all in previous Hitman games. Never mind more than 20 of them for the price of ONE game.”

I don’t know. I’m VERY happy with Season 1. I seriously don’t think a Hitman game without online or episodic could have shipped with all of these missions and mission variants and one-time targets. No way.


I am not sure I agree with that, because this is the game that offers the least number of missions. Granted, each map is considerably more complex and larger than any other map from previous games, but if season 1 had been released in its entirety on launch day, it would be the game that took the least amount of time to finish.


IOI have already said that there have been situations where map design was informed by user feedback over the course of the Season. People thinking they could have shipped this very same game from Day 1 are not considering the nature of the project.

It took me most of a year to consider somewhat supporting the release format for Hitman. But I knew better than to just divest of it entirely. Anyways. It’s all academic. You fence-sitters won. And we have no more IOI and no more Hitman. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your victory shall taste like ashes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude, I was one of the guys that purchased the full experience very close to release day, when I didn’t even had a proper graphic card to play the game. I bought it and sitted on it for 6 months until I finally had the graphic card, after realizing that my old card didn’t cut it.


And I used a lot of " :stuck_out_tongue: " smileys too…

Of course I know none of us wanted IOI to just disappear after this experimental format trial.

The truth is if this game was “ABSOLUTION II”? I wouldn’t have bought it at all! But more from total rejection of the product itself rather than due to some kind of fear over a new release method.

Still, I did wait for Hokkaido to drop in before buying.

On the graphics card… Yes… I was surprised at how hefty HITMAN was on the graphics front. Also a shame that Nvidia SLI is not supported (probably due to the game being built for AMD cards).