Square-Enix drops IO Interactive


Sure, but consoles dictate the video game industry. Pc only gets consoles scraps and “stuff”. :metal::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::metal:


We are getting way off topic in this thread. Myself included.


I’m talking about triple A games that are multi platform. The game is made for consoles then pc master race gets the scraps. That’s what I meant.

But ya, let’s get back on topic. No need to even speak about this as it’s irrelevant. We do bad. :grin:


Maybe IOI get abducted by aliens, who like to tap dance, so 47 can only tap dance in season 2?

Eh, in the case of “We don’t want it to be exclusive to a platform” not really. I’d rather it not be exclusive to anything, and I’d rather IOI part ways with SE, taking with them the engine (G2) and the game IP (Hitman), so Season 2 could be bolted onto the existing framework. Retrospective patches to S1 and alternating S1/S2 elusives, and a common profile base, would really be ideal for everyone. It would let people who are allergic to progress still play some Hitman (on the Season 1 content), it would let IOI address engine issues, it would let Season 2 players get new content.

As for what’s going to happen, I stand by 47 tap dancing as being the true mark of progress.


You said something that made sense to me. It’s funny that the ties were cut on march 31 so we didn’t get a patch for April or May when there’s clearly things that could be patched. You made me think for a sec there.


It’s because their homepage domain is ioi.dk and not iointeractive.dk. so it’s still the same.


Yeah I just realized, it’s not thee IO-Interactive.

It’s registered to a different company.
Had myself going for a second there.


err… what? dual GPU already supported on the last version, 1.00 i believe.
i have 980M SLI and running with dual gpu setting enabled make the games perform better.


I tried installing HITMAN on my Lenovo Y-500 with twin Nvidia 650M’s. Only one of the cards was running, and I saw no support for the SLI configuration in my laptop. Both cards run on other games and when I do 3D graphics work with Blender.

Running the game even on lowest settings with only one 650M isn’t very good. But I just wanted an “emergency rig” in case I absolutely need to catch an update or Elusive. On my main Gaming PC, HITMAN runs like a dream on a single Nvidia 780Ti.

We ICA agents should be prepared for every contingency! :wink:


GTA is a drastically different game than Hitman.

In old-gen GTA V from what I know they heavily cut pedestrians and cars driving around the city. I watched some gameplays and Los Santos looked nearly dead. The thing is, in GTA these things are more of a world-building than an important system.

HITMAN having 1/4 of its maps’ population would just ruin the game. NPCs is what makes you do things the way you do them. They are obstacles and assets, depending on how you choose to approach them. Getting rid of them would make the game easier and more boring.


Can you imagine the Marrakesh “street riot” attended by just 10 picketers and that guy with a megaphone? Hahahahaha! :smiley:


Expecting nothing today, but hoping for the best.


In Hitman launcher options, there is a choice to enable “Multi GPU (D3D12)”.
From the name of it, it seems Hitman only support multi gpu with Directx 12.
So… does your Lenovo Y500 use Windows 10?


IO starts to tweet.

Let’s wait.


To be honest I wouldn’t be suprised if we don’t hear anything about this from IO for some time.


Anyone expecting a statement will be bitterly disappointed.


Guys, of course they will say something. Why do you think they put a tweet before the weekend saying there wouldn’t be any during the weekend? They’ve literally never did that before. It’s pretty obvious they will say something today. They didn’t decide to randomly say “we don’t tweet on weekends” all of the sudden.


Well it was some quite extraordinary news back then, so it was kind of a favour to tweet saying there won’t be communication over the weekend as they knew the chances of that was 0 %. They spared us from spending the entire weekend stalking their Twitter account.


I think they posted it just so people wouldn’t be hasseling them for a statment for a few days while they are on holiday. They may give a statement, but they are still within their rights not to say anything yet. If they are currently trying to make deals with studios, they may have to stay quiet for a little bit, (this is all just speculation on my part though.)


I wonder how long it’s been since SE started to try to find new buyers for IO-I, back in mars or now in may?