Square-Enix drops IO Interactive


this is the most likely scenario. but then again if the letter was known in march, why did it surface just now over the weekend? It could mean they already have a path forward


Not if there isn’t anything to share, IO will first share something when they are ready to share it. It’s not like Monday is a magical day where they figure everything out.

Keep in mind that Friday was a national Holiday in Denmark and IO like most production companies don’t work in the weekend. A Danish Work week consist of 37 hours, but that doesn’t mean that the Head of the Studio Hakan Abrak and Square-Enix management havn’t working overtime. But we shouldn’t expect a cut clear outcome on the first workday of the week.

Just because it says “We will be back on Monday” doesn’t equal that they will post anything, it just means they will resume in the new working week.


Best audio? Wat. I must’ve played different game.


Look at it this way - There’s been one business day since the news that Square Enix were dropping IO. Probably not a whole lot anyone can say about anything right now.


relative to this year’s games. not realative to Hitman 1-4


That’s not what @BernardoOne said. He basically was talking about the actual comment by IOI. When do they ever say “it’s a holiday here so we won’t post anything until Monday.” When did they ever do that ever before for any other holiday?

But I do disagree with him, that just because they said that, it doesn’t mean they will post something on Monday. They could, but my guess is that they said that because they were bombarded with tweets about the news. But that still doesn’t suggest they will make a statement about the issue when their tweeting resumes on Monday.


That’s right, but the Gamestar information sounds like a rocksolid decision behind the scenes.


You don’t need more than a few hours to come up with a statement to present to the public, if in fact, they have the ability at saying something.

If they truely wanted to say something or at least if they could, they would have. I think it’s more about that they can’t right now rather than they don’t have time to do so.


It shouldn’t matter if they said it before, the fact is that it was a national holiday and that means they are closed. The reason for saying it is to calm our nerves, knowing full well that there would be 4 days of silence with no official word from IO. Instead of letting it rise to our heads why they havn’t commented on situation since the news broke.


IO-I does a good job. But they rarely speak to us. Communicating with them does work, better than with many other studios. But sadly only in one direction. They are eager to hear our opinion, appreciate us finding bugs, seeing nice fanart. But after all they remain silent. :confused:


They did say something when it was announced, which we all read in this thread, on Twitter, etc. Now all we have to do is wait.


He says “developer near source” in that video, not only “reliably source” like in the article.


Can you explain the whole video since most of us don’t understand a thing from the video ?:kissing_closed_eyes:


He basically repeats the known info: IO keeps the Hitman licence and is allowed to make more games, Season 2 is in the works with an unknown release date. The special thing about that video is the wording regarding the source.


Only the first minute is about Hitman and it’s just staff we already know: IOI still has the rights to the franchise, they are already working on Season 2 and their source doesn’t know the release date.

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It doesn’t contain new information. Using different words for the same source.

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But hey, the video popped up today. They’re really confident about their story.


I really dont want to be that guy, but repeating something doesn’t make it more true.


Joseph Goebbels would disagree with you on that one.


Well looks like IOi will still be going, they have eight job openings. I’m not sure if I like the sound of a multilplayer Hitman or is Kane and Lynch making a return?