Square-Enix drops IO Interactive


Hitman tweeted they’ll be releasing info on elusive target 25 in early June. So things are looking good for IOI as they still have content to be released and are already tweeting about said future content.

I have faith everything will be ok for IOI and the franchise.


That’s great to hear, Hopefully everything works out for them
Never lose hope guys/gals, there will be rainbows after the rain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I mean, IOI being dropped from SE never meant that they would just suddenly drop the game completely all of the sudden. They are on payroll until all planned content is released.


That depends on their contract between each other. They possibly could have an opt out condition where they cut ties and everything gets done right there and then as per their separation right at a fiscal yr end.

You’re just guessing as everyone else is.


If SE can’t sell or get investors to IO-I, SE can then shut down IO-I and Hitman will not be further released.
SE breaking the connection to IO-I means that IO-I will no longer be on SE’s payroll, so if IO-I doesn’t have the money to buy themselves out or getting new owners or investors then SE can shut IO-I down permanently .


IOI isn’t owned by SE. They can’t shut down IOI.


I’m pretty sure they do and can:

Square Enix has announced the shock decision to sell Hitman developer IO Interactive, putting the future of the much-loved stealth series in doubt.

In a note to investors, the Japanese corporation warned of a £33m extraordinary loss in its financial results for the year ending 31st March 2017. The cause of this loss is the planned sale of the Danish studio.

Here’s Square Enix’s statement:

“To maximize player satisfaction as well as market potential going forward, we are focusing our resources and energies on key franchises and studios. As a result, the Company has regrettably decided to withdraw from the business of IO INTERACTIVE A/S, a wholly‐owned subsidiary and a Danish corporation, as of March 31, 2017.”

Square Enix said it has started discussions with potential new investors and is currently in negotiations to secure this investment, but there can be no guarantees that the negotiations will conclude successfully. Based on the wording of Square Enix’s note, it seems if a buyer can not be secured, IO will be shut down.

IO Interactive A/S (stylised as Io-Interactive, short IOI) is a Danish video game developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and owned by Square Enix Europe, a subsidiary of Square Enix. The company was founded under the name ASX Nr. 14.811 ApS on 1 November 1990, and became Mermaid Invest ApS on 24 May 1992.[1] On 16 September 1998, the Reto-Moto development group turned the company into IO Interactive ApS, and into IO Interactive A/S on 14 April 2000.[1] They are best known for the Hitman series.


I was talking to myself. Let me believe what I wanna believe. :confused:


Hahaha, sorry for ruin your beliefes :flushed: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


So something doesn’t make sense here.

if you look on the hitman.jp website, it has the release date scheduled as

発売日:2017年8月10日 価格:7,800円+税(DL版:6,800円+税)


Release date: August 10, 2017 Price: 7,800 yen + tax (DL version: 6,800 yen + tax)

Does that mean that the game will recieve japanese localization then? Or be released in japan then?



Square Enix announced the release of the Japanese version HITMAN as HITMAN THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON. This version going to includes all the episodes the Episode 1-6 with a bonus one and it will be available from August 10, 2017 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The price will be 7800 Yen + tax (package version) and 6800 Yen + tax (download version). It comes with English and Japanese voices (you can switch) and Japanese subtitle.


Japanese voices! That’s new, isn’t it? I wonder if digital buyers in the West will have the ability to switch to Japanese voices? If so, there should be an option to switch only the NPCs in Hokkaido.


I’m not guessing at all, how I said it’s exactly how it works. Shutting down all planned development when all the content isn’t out just isn’t good policy. it means absolutely nothing about rights to IP or anything else.

Mind you, they are still trying to sell the studio. This means they still have to pay the people at IOI until that happens. Why would they purposefully shut down development?




So maybe they will say something about last week’s news today or tomorrow


Why not? SE have done that with Deus Ex and Thief so why not Hitman?


Because that’s not how it works? The Deus Ex and Thief teams are all still owned and paid for by Square Enix on other projects. IOI is still owned and paid for by Square Enix, and so they continue to be on the payroll. It makes no sense to shutdown the studio while trying to sell it.


No, i didn’t say that, if SE can’t sell IO-I they could shut the studio down and Hitman as a franchise would be shutted down with IO-I.


Sure thing, and? It takes time to sell a studio so it won’t be closed down before all stuff (ETs ,etc) is out anyways.


Yes it does, what i meant is that Hitman season 2 is at the stake here rather than the remaining of the elusive targets.

If SE can’t sell or get new investors to IO-I in the near future, for how long they want to try selling IO-I is everybody’s guess, they can then shut the studio down and we will never have a season 2 of Hitman.


Unless they wanted to in-house part of IOI for supporting the online services and game release in Japan it’s safe to assume we have until the end of the year. Given the tentative release date of 2018 for Season 2 (from the media sources), there’s a pattern emerging, no?

Just because SE wrote that it’d be an extraordinary loss (i.e. a one-off), doesn’t mean they’re closing it. IOI has to stay open long enough to see the release through, and if they have enough of their own funds to release Season 2, as well as any support contracts from SE (e.g. porting bits and pieces to support locale/font requirements for HITMAN JP), we shouldn’t be guessing they’ll shut down any time this year.

This is seriously a case of taking a deep breath, adding up what we have, and making the assumption that they’ll be around at least 3 months after a product release. SE don’t want a mess in their backyard, so it’s probably longer than 3 months. Bringing in people who didn’t work on the game and/or engine to support it would be a bad play, and if they didn’t want IOI there as the primary studio we’d have seen a second name in the imprint. We don’t, so seriously, remain calm and keep killing things.