Square-Enix drops IO Interactive


If you follow up the chain of conversation, we were talking about the content for Season 1 still being made, not anything about Season 2.


I agree, right now no news is good news in my opinion, the possitive is that instead of closing IO-I, SE is trying to keep the studio alive and trying to sell it instead of shutting them down.


I think IOI will still release season 2 under SE (while SE negotiate and taking care the legal matters).
It’s season 3 that I’m afraid will never see the light.


At least for me, season 2 is far more important than the rest of season 1, so i’m worried about the future of Hitman from season 2 and onwards.

It’s not a big deal for me to miss out 2 remaining elusive targets in season 1, but no season 2 and season 3 would be devastating.


I agree wit this 100% for me season 1 is over and there for it should not be the focus, especially at this given time. The focus and most interesting aspect of season 1 ended with Situs Inversus. Contracts, Elusive Targets and Escalations are just fluff to fill out time between key content (episodes and seasons). In my eyes Season One is bought and payed for and therefor is not interesting in terms of the future of HITMAN and IO. Things are done and is just waiting to be shipped.

Where Season 2 and coming Seasons are still in jeopardy until we hear something concrete from IO, Square or a New Publisher.

An Elusive Target is a one time thing. No matter how fun they might be, we will only enjoy them once. Where a Season is eternal and something i’m looking more forward to then when the next Elusive Target. I much rather have a large fix, then a small one.

I think it says a lot that people are so focus on the small details like a Elusive Targets, but neglect the bigger picture.


Square-Enix drops IO Interactive but they created a website for season 1 release in Japan ?

And a trailer with IOI and SE logos at the end ??

That does not make any sense :anguished:


looks old, some of the character models have changed.

Silvo is different and the Marrakesh guards are different


I couldn’t disagree more. Story mode can only give you so much. The core of this game really is contracts and elusive targets (for me). If you’re not enjoying these over story mode, man, I feel sorry for you. Story could only give you so much until you get bored of the same thing. So I’m guessing you’re not a fan of the episodic format?

And ppl who are looking forward to more maps for season 2, of course the story will be played and heavily enjoyed, but again, to play more contracts and elusive targets on new maps is what I look forward to for season 2 and beyond.


To each their own dude, no need to feel sorry for people if you don’t understand them.


You can disagree as much as you want, but the game did end with the final episodes. Elusive targets, Contracts mode and Escalations are just filler content and not the main goal of the game.

You might enjoy it more, but that does not make it the core. Hitman is and have always been about 47 journey and that journey lies in the story missions, the hole episodic release i backbone of the way IO chose to tell the story.

And I can fully understand you might enjoy the secondary content more, then the main game.

I have no idea where you are getting this idea from that i don’t enjoy the secondary content? At no time have i said, that i don’t enjoy it. It’s beyond great secondary content that keeps the game alive between the story slices IO serves us.

The same can be said about Elusive targets, they can only give you so much until you get bored. More then a couple of the targets have been bland and borring and that is alright, not everything can perfect every time. The core of the experience will always lie in the game play and the story IO wants to tell us, that is the main goal of the game. The rest is there to keep the game fresh.


Well it ended…for you. Like I said, story can only do so much until it gets boring. Sure the others are filler, but the filler is the new core. It’s what has people coming back to play more. It’s what people talk about over the year. So maps and story don’t dictate core, it’s what player play the most of that does.

Blood Money and prior, then ya, I totally agree with you. But the format changed. Contracts got introduced in absolution. Continued in H6. ET’s introduced in H6. So hitman WAS that before. But I think the game has changed big time. As I said above, the core is what PLAYERS PLAY more of and get the MOST out of, and that is contracts and ET’s. That’s fact, not opinion. So although the main GAME is story mode, it isn’t the main CORE of what players play the most. If you remove contracts and all the “filler” content, story mode gets boring and makes the game die fast, just like every other hitman game prior. Remove story mode, and the game and everything else, the game lasts longer and players play more. And even if it’s just contracts alone, the size of the maps and the gameplay alone make ppl come back for more. And I consider what ppl come back for the TRUE core of the game. The backbone which keeps it alive and going.

It isn’t an idea I suggested. Keyword here is “IF”. I was wondering IF you didn’t enjoy them OVER story mode. Wasn’t saying that you did. Sorry if I confused you.

Anyways, agree to disagree. :blush:


They have not dropped them per se. They plan on selling it, and until they do, there is no sense shutting down IOI or stop planned Season 1 content from being worked on and being released.

Too many people here seem to think that the statement means “WE ARE IMMEDIATELY SHUTTING DOWN ALL RELATIONS AND WORK WITH IOI”. That’s not how it works.


It didn’t make sense to stop development of Deus Ex either, not for us gamers anyway.


Once again, that has exactly zero to do with what I’m talking about. They didn’t fire the team that made Deus Ex, they just put them to work on other projects. All the planned content for Mankind Divided came out too.


lets just hope publishers are itching to buy IO


I honestly don’t see why anyone wouldn’t be itching to buy IO,
with their reputation and how successful HITMAN was you’d be stupid not to,
I know the sales or release model weren’t the most favourable,
but the game does excel in design and they’ve already, and still are getting acclaimed for that,
and personally I’m liking the release model, cause it has built a bigger community i think,
and you really feel like you’re side by side with IO the whole way, which we are, heads up :+1:


There are many effects of the release model and the design of missions as having new content in the same maps:

  1. Compared to previous HITMAN titles, because all owners can experience a piece of content at the same time, there is more discussion among us about how to deal with a certain mission or target - increasing sense of immersion. This really feels like a “World of Assassination” as all of us are “assassins” discussing how to work the trade.

  2. Compared to previous HITMAN titles, there is a greater reason to scour a map and learn the quirks of each map and set of NPC’s. With the use of Elusives and Bonus missions there is also increased awareness of alternative uses of the maps themselves and the npc’s within them. Every one of the previous games had this potential but only if users forced it upon themselves (eg: people trying Suit Only runs in C47). The current game, where players need to be ready for any new escalation or elusive, has meant we’ve had to appreciate and learn the maps more thoroughly.

  3. Having challenges and opportunities, while initially a controversial choice, encouraged players to revisit the Targets themselves since many of the challenges and opportunities were related to the Targets’ stories. This results in the Target roster of HITMAN having the highest name recall and being treated more like a cast of characters than previous Targets who were merely “Kill once and forget forever” Targets. The backstories also for each Target in HITMAN is done to a level that exceeds the depth of previous games to allow for such challenges and opportunities.

These three reasons allow me to consider HITMAN as the best title in the series bar none. :slight_smile:


Obviously because I play on Xbox I’m a big fan of the Outside Xbox channel, but I know a lot of people who play on PS4 and PC watch it because of their great content and background in gaming journalism. They recently hit two million subscribers and did a “We A the Hell Out of Some Qs” video. It’s worth watching the entire video if you know the team, but one of the Qs was, “What have been your favourite games to play on the channel?” Two out of three said Hitman. I’ve cranked the video to the location where Mike and Jane give their answers.

^^ This ^^


[QUOTE=Square Enix]
The Company has regrettably decided to withdraw from the business of IO INTERACTIVE A/S, a wholly‐owned subsidiary and a Danish corporation, as of March 31, 2017.

Even Square Enix knows it. :wink:

Is it true we’re hearing an IOI announcement about its future on Monday?


Me about the whole situation right now