Square-Enix drops IO Interactive


I think the situation IO-I is in right now is terrible in itself, so it dosen’t have to mean that a new terrible thing have happend.

If IO-i is closed down, i don’t know if there is other game developer studios in Denmark where they can apply for new job, so if the are shut down, maybe they have to find something else outside game development or move to another country for continue working with games, thinking of this and i understand why a beer and a book can stop the thoughts about their future.


Guys don’t overthink stuff too much. That tweet is literally someone saying they had a tough day at work. That happens in every company in the world if its doing really well or really badlly. We shouldn’t speculate on stuff like that.


I had a pretty crap day at work on Friday too guys ;(


There are other developers like Reto-Moto that was founded 1997 and created IO-Interactive in 1998 as a joint venture with Nordisk Film. The Founding members of Reto-Moto left Edios and reformed Reto-Moto with intention to create multiplayer Experience, they are best know for Heroes & Generals a WW2 “f2p” multiplayer game.

Then we have Deadline Games best know for the Watchmen: The End Is Nigh videogame based on the movie. Playdead is also a studio best known for Limbo and Inside. There are others, but most of them are doing small indie and mobil games.

The best bed would be Reto-Moto with a big investment from Nordisk Film, in many ways it would return Hitman and IO home to the companies that created them.

Plus it would be an extremely bold statement from a non executive if it was a comment on the future of the company. It just a comment towards a long deserving weekend.


There’s some smaller studios too - Playdead are in Copenhagen as well as Hapti Co. In fact the founder and creative director at Playdead is a former IO alumni who worked on Silent Assassin!


That’s good to hear :smiley: at least if IO-I and Hitman is shut down, they can at least look for another game development job in Denmark.

I wonder where Nordisk Film is standing in this situation, could Nordisk Film buy IO-I or secure investors? Could Reto-Moto and Nordisk Film buy IO-I?


Nordisk Film is the oldest active movie studio in the world and are the distributioner of Playstation games in the North and Baltic countries. They also have a department called Nordisk Film Games.

We make equity investments in Nordic development studios. The Nordic gaming industry has had tremendous success for many years now and we want to help fuel this growth further! The NF Games team includes highly experienced game creators, innovators, business developers and investors. We see our role as someone who can support and challenge the companies we invest in, with the aim of creating stronger and more successful game studios.”

If IO where to go Independent i would say Nordisk Film would be the mostly likely backer.

Chaining studios in this line of profession is more or less common and it’s very rare to see a employee stay with a studio for a long amount of time, they are mostly work on contracts and then move on if they are not rehired when their contract is up. Yes it might be stressful, but this is a different line of work and people in this industry are use to move between studios and settle where they get hired.


Shouldn’t have gone episodic. That’s what prevented me and others from buying it.
Blood Money was the last game worth my money.
Square Enix f***ed up the franchise.
I saw this coming ever since Absolution.

Hope IO re-establish themselves, claim the game’s rights and go back to Silent Assasin / Contracts / Blood Money format.


It was IO that pushed for the Episodic Release format, not Square.

Which literally is HITMAN 2016. It’s a evolution of all Hitman games that Absolution should have been.


I feel Square influenced that decision anyway, behind the scenes. Either way, it still doesn’t justify that awful choice to go episodic.
Plus I’m not talking just HITMAN. Hitman Absolution was a huge disappointment. Ever since Square bought out IO, there has been really poor decisions.

That’s your opinion mate. And I understand many people posting on this forum critically acclaim the game. But for me, it doesn’t capture the feel, the details, and the structure of the classic games, which were way ahead of its time. So I lost complete interest and didn’t buy it.
After Blood Money, the franchise could’ve been handled 10x better.
My own legal opinion.


That is just a conspiracy theory then, when a person like Hannes Seifert have been a major factor in the episodic release formate.

Based on what experience? if you didn’t buy the game how can you claim that the game doesn’t capture the essence of past titles? Watching videos and such should not be enough to conclude that much.


Ah yes, your very valid opinion that is based on not playing the game at all? LMAO.
Hitman 2016 is the best game in the franchise, by far. Episodic also fits the series very, veyr, very well.


Interesting how you guys assume I haven’t played the game.

Thanks for your input guys. Clearly if I continue to express my own personal thoughts here, it won’t be welcomed.


Well how did you play the game then? if you didn’t buy it.

Gibberish, get some thicker skin then, it’s not like anyone is shaming you for you opinion. But you should be able to see why people don’t think your opinion isn’t worth much, when you say you didn’t even buy the game. It makes it sound like you downloaded it illegally and then one loses the right to complain all togther.


Hasn’t bought it but played the game to make an opinion


It’s technically possible, though. Doesn’t mean he’s lying.



I will assume you ment to say played and not payed. If so, as Quinn says, it is possible.

Besides I do not think that we should say who is and isn’t entitled to their opinion wether or not they’ve played it really.


Everyone is entitled to an opinion, it’s up to you if you want to listen to it or not


And no one is saying that, but i would go so far and say an opinion about a game one havn’t played and still dislikes falls a bit short. I don’t like Final Fantasy or Fallout and think they are “bad”, but i do acknowledged that my opinion is one these games are faulty and not informed.