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Hey @Mr.Reaper - it is not showing up in my dashboard. I suggest having look at your patreon account, you should be able to see active pledges listed there.

If it’s not there, it means the pledge will not be billed.


@ampburner Should be done now :slightly_smiling_face: Don’t know how long I can keep it up for but I will do my best.


Just pledged $10 per month. Happy to support this place, been a regular user since 2011 and met many awesome folks because of it. :smile:


Not a bad start people :smiley:.


When I first came here (hitmanforum) back in, I think it was 2004-06, I also thought it was the official forum. :smile:
But I found out that it wasn’t, but then looking at the official forum, I just found this place nicer and a better experience overall.

I have chosen to follow you on Patreon, so when it’s around the 1st of next month I can pledge then. It’s not that I can’t afford a few bucks, I just take a look and go through my budget around the 1st of each month.


I know I took one look at the official one via a link amp burner posted and clicked straight off it. This forum looks a hundred times more professional.


Yeah, and even before this new nice Discourse design, I still preferred Hitmanforums design over the official.
All I can say is that the official forum looks like it’s stuck somewhere in the past.


Thanks for that archive :blush: Hopefully the economics work out in the end and we don’t need to see ads here :smiley:

WIK :game_die:


Just pledged $50, will probably be a one time thing.
No need for any special badges or anything, I just want to support HitmanForum. I’m stealing up all the bandwith posting dank memes.

Hopefully it goes to good use! :smile:

Also, can we get HTTPS now?

Edit: Cancelling a Pledge early got rid of my pledge fullstop, darn Patreon.

HTTPS - secure HTTP connection for HMF?

Will pledge as soon as my next check comes through this month. Beats the shit out of ads, I’ll say that much.


I’m a supoorter of the the choice to try donations. I will stand by my pledge. You will see the money SOON!!! Not like IO soon either; real life soon (=


Good idea. I support this.

Https everywhere tho :wink:

HTTPS - secure HTTP connection for HMF?

@ampburner where do I throw my money? I will definitely donate for HFM, have been lurking it since (2007?) and joined ~ 2010. It’s like a “virtual” home haha


You donate via Patreon, there’s a link in the OP.



Yeah you do it through the link to patreon I did the $10 blood money option last night.


A massive thank you to @YacobT, @Mr.Reaper, @Quinn, and @SilentChaos47.

Thanks to you we’ve covered the costs of the first month already!

You guys have donated more than is strictly needed for this month. I’m going to use your contribution to:

  • pay the bills for our automated email service provider (that will either be mailgun or mailchimp) so people can continue to receive notification and registration emails.
  • I will save the rest (for future months)

Thank you!


Gladly giving $10 a month for this lovely place for all these lovely people <3


Thanks @Crashicoot and @HHCHunter :heart:


Any particular reason why you guys want HTTPS?